Jan 2021 Polish Pickup—Emily de Molly, Femme Fatale, and Starlight Polish

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided to me in exchange for photographs.

It is once again time for the month Polish Pickup, and it turns out I procrastinated writing this post for so long that the event has already opened up for purchase. Whoops, happy new year, I guess! Anyway, I haven't got too much to share, just three polishes and one necklace/pendant, so we can just get right to it.

Emily de Molly—Balancing Act

For the January 2021 theme of Birthstones, Gems, and Minerals, Emily de Molly has brought out Balancing Act ($10 USD, caps: 470 US / 30 UK), inspired by agate. They've described it as "a dusty mauve base with bright orange glitters", and I agree with that. The mauve base, I would bet, looks very different on people depending on skin tone. It's more on the purple side than the pink side of mauve; the orange glitter makes the base look cooler in contrast. The glitter also looks red in some lighting, much like the hematite inclusions in bloodstone, if we stick to the mineral theme inspiration. I'm having flashbacks to my high school Science Olympiad days, so I'll stop myself now from going into depth about bloodstone, agate, and quartz before it's too late.

My swatches show 2 coats and a shiny top coat. Oh, also, one of my nails broke right before I received this polish, so I had to change my nail shape. But then, a different nail broke so I had to pivot right back to squares, which is why the next polish is pictured on shorter squares. If I've learned anything, it's that I should just go along with whatever whims my nails have, unless I want to suffer.

Starlight Polish—Ammolite Polish and Pendant

From Starlight and Sparkles this month, we have a cute little set (sold separately) inspired by ammolite, a gemstone related to ammonite fossils.

Okay, so as an aside, I'm gonna brag real quick here that, again, back in high school, I placed 3rd nationally in the Science Olympiad fossils event, so I am even MORE tempted now to go into way too much detail about ammonites and their extinction and the process behind how their shells would have become a gemstone. Third place nationally, y'all, when I was 15. Yes, it has all been downhill from there, thanks for asking.

ANYWAY, Ammolite ($16 USD, caps: 150 US / 15 UK) is described by the brand as:

A black jelly base with red to green shifting old school unicorn pee pigment, red to green shifting aurora flakes, and red to green shifting multichrome flakes!

The polish is a gorgeous, complex shifter; I needed 2 coats (3 on the middle finger, because I smudged it and tried to fix it) and photographed it both with normal top coat as well as a matte one to show off the flakies better. The specific inspiration for the polish is the red dragonskin ammolite, which as you will see, differs in color from the inspiration for the pendant.

Ammolite Pendant ($11 USD, cap: 250 US / 25 UK)

As you can see, in contrast to the red-green shift of the polish, the pendant has a green-blue shift. I'm feeling a bit lazy, so I'll once again just quote Starlight's description:

A black pendant tray and a glass cabochon, and green to blue true UP sibling pigment. The outline of the same overlapping spiral/criss-cross pattern that is on the pack of the pendants shows under the pigment in the pendant, like the cracked pattern of dragonskin ammolite.

Quick summary of more pertinent details: the pendant is about 1 inch in diameter, and comes with an 18" black cord with nickel free findings, which can be easily swapped. The black finish on the pendant can be damaged by rough handling and solvents, so take care with it.

I have it photographed at a few different angles to the light, to show the shift, and I also corralled my husband into taking some pictures of it on me, so you can see just about where it'll sit on your body. I have it clasped at the shortest possible link on the chain, so it can also be extended to sit a bit lower.

Femme Fatale—Be Witch You

Femme Fatale's offering for January, luckily for me and my quest to avoid nerdy temptation, derives its inspiration from a decidedly less scientific angle on gemstones and minerals. Be Witch You ($14 USD, cap: 250 US / 50 UK, 50 AUS direct from FF) is instead inspired by the below "witchy" picture.  

Femme Fatale described this thermal polish as:

A sheer, summer-sky blue (warm) to a dusty rose pink (cold) with an iridescent blue overlay and luminous red-shifting-green flakies.

I was VERY surprised by how this polish actually looked on my nails; in the bottle, it seems like a dusty orange with a purple feeling, which I understand doesn't make any sense. I guess the purple feeling is the "iridescent blue overlay" part: in the cold state, it comes out more as a purple shimmer. On my nails, I think I would describe it as purple in the cold state—the base isn't exactly purple, but the shimmer is, and the base just kind of goes along with it. However, in the warm state, the base comes out much stronger. In general, this polish is just shifty and does whatever it wants, really.

I have it pictured in 3 coats, both with a shiny top coat and a matte top coat, because flakies and shimmer just cooperate so much better with the camera when you're not struggling with glossiness. And there are a million pictures because transitions, so... sorry?

There! Thanks for reading (or, more likely, if we're being honest with ourselves, scrolling through all the pictures until you got to the end). All of these products are available from Polish Pickup from Friday, Jan. 1st, 2021 (so yes, the day I posted this) to 11:59 PM Eastern on Monday, Jan 4th, 2021. The Femme Fatale has already sold out from the PPU site (sorry!) but is still available on the FF home site here, with shipping worldwide.

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