Shopping my stash—Femme Fatale

If we're honest, I have to confess that I am, in general, an idle person. And as of earlier this month, I am especially idle, because I sat down and played through the rest of the games I needed to hit gold again in League of Legends. It's definitely something I was stressing over for a while—I made it an obligation to myself, so I felt guilty when I wasn't grinding games out, but because it was also a priority with a time limit, I felt like I couldn't do other things instead, and it was all a general mess—so yeah, in a nutshell, life with rampaging ADHD. This time, though, unlike usual, I finally made it to the end not because the deadline was threatening me, but because there were two extremely stressful things in my life, and since the other one was the US presidential election, this was the only one I had some agency over.

Anyway, during this period of stress and avoidance, I had the idea of actually photographing through more of my personal collection, so I grabbed a few old Femme Fatales out of my Helmer to share. I've also changed up my lighting setup a bit (yay, ring lights are way more affordable now than they were the last time I looked into getting one!), which you might have noticed in the last post, too, and I'm pretty happy with it!

Tomb Rose (Feb 2018 COTM)

Tomb Rose is a complex polish—it's a red jelly base, there's holo, there's red glitter, there's green shimmer—it's a banquet for the eyes. My memory of it was hazy, but the moment I saw the bottle (picture: me, in a closet, squatting in front of a Helmer, sketchily rummaging through a drawer and frantically opening boxes), I suddenly remembered it and really wanted to put it on! There's no black actually involved in the polish but it really made me think of a black rose dripping with blood, stabby thorns, growing through a skull, etc. You know, general emo stuff. However, it's a red, so although I swatched it, I wanted to wait until the election is over before really wearing it. For, you know. Reasons. 

Pictured in 3 coats over clear liquid latex, with top coat.

Get Her Out Of Me!

Next up is a polish that I truly had no recollection of, even as I pulled it out of the box. Get Her Out Of Me! is a pale blue with pink-to-green shimmer and iridescent hex glitter. The first stroke of it was unbelievably sheer, to the point that I couldn't imagine it building up at all, but it came out quite nicely at 3 coats and top.

Anyway, I can't give any other details about this polish because I somehow don't remember *anything* about it. I have no idea when I bought it. I have no idea what collection it's from. It was just waiting nicely in my drawer for me to dig it up, I guess. 

Odelette (Stockist Exclusive)

Okay, Odelette is the polish that I ended up actually wearing, so these pictures are 3 coats over two coats of Anchor&Heart Mermaid Tears base coat, plus two of top.

A lot of notes on this polish:

1. It was an exclusive for one of the European FF stockists, one that can't ship to the US, so I had to get it from basically a group buy. Since that made it more limited (although every Femme is pretty limited regardless), and I really, really liked the swatches, I ended up buying two bottles back then. I've worn it one other time. It's a thermal. That may not have been one of my brightest moments.

2. I remembered it (as well as a lot of other Femmes at the time) being quite sheer, so I used two coats of Mermaid Tears in order to blur my nail line. I usually use one coat as a base when I want my manicure to last a while (read: more than 30 minutes), but for whatever reason, a single coat of Mermaid Tears is completely clear, but two coats is a nearly opaque (but still translucent) milky blush. It also means the whole thing took SO long to dry, and I smudged my ring finger bad, so I had to repaint it. I'm feeling very lucky because I only had to repaint the one finger once, since usually when this happens it is an absolute disaster and I end up smudging all ten fingers up one at a time and it's a general mess.

3. This polish is at least 2 years old, possibly 3 or more, and it is STILL TRANSITIONING. Although I don't really remember what it looked like when I first got it, so I'm not 100% sure if it's a full transition. I have a vague idea that the warm state used to be pinker, but I can't say for sure. It's now a pinky mauve with green (to pink) shimmer and holo sparkle in the warm state, and a light purple with the same in the cold state. Since I was so pleased to see the transition, I took a gratuitous amount of pictures!

See you next time—I have a whole lot more stash to shop, so I hope you're ready to see more polish decisions that I definitely made at some point in my life! On the docket are another boatload of Femme Fatales and following that, a (PR sample) peek at FF's upcoming December 2020 new release. 

It turns out my collection is extensive and it's hard to pick what to try next—if you have any requests for color families or brands, then let me know in the comments!

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