Femme Fatale November 2020 Release pt. 1—White Witch Rerelease

Disclaimer: I received these polishes in exchange for swatch pictures. Opinions are my own.

Well. It has been a wild few months in my life, although I suppose that doesn't really account for the hiatus of the past 2 years, and the entire rest of the year has been pretty wild as well. NO MATTER. I'm back, I'm excited, and I have some swatches to share with you!

If you knew me in 2015, you might have been aware that I wasn't into indie polish back then. In fact, I was much more interested in indie makeup, and I especially loved a few brands: Hello Waffle (RIP), Dark Matter Makeup (RIP), Corvus (RIP), and Femme Fatale. Back then, I thought "I'll never spend more than $5 for a polish! Sinful Colors is $2 and saving money is a virtue!"

...And then I saw it. Femme Fatale's polish ads.

There were two polishes back then that I absolutely HAD to have. The first was Polished By KPT's (RIP) Same Fall Different Beginning, which I consider my first indie polish ever, and it absolutely seduced me through the Femme Fatale homepage carousel. The second, though, was this very delicate, gorgeous number from the yet-to-be-released White Witch Collection. Something about it just drew me in. And so there I was, suddenly proselytizing all my friends and subreddit acquaintances to also buy some polishes from Australia with me, so we could share the shipping costs (because, again, saving money is a virtue!), and somewhere along the line, I picked up almost the full original collection. 

At that point, I was just completely hooked on indie polish.
Which is all to say: This is a great collection. I freaking love this collection. And I loved it long before it was sent to me by the brand, so I am truly incredibly excited to share with you the updated 2020 versions of some of my favorite polishes of all time!

White Witch Vol. 2 mood board courtesy of Femme Fatale Cosmetics

This post will just be on the original 8 polishes in the collection that are being rereleased. I had planned to put them all in the same post, but evidently the length of the post plus all the pictures is starting to cause my browser to lag. Instead, I'll do a second post with the new polishes coming up, including the November 2020 Color of the Month, Fiend of the Month, and the three new polishes that are additions to the White Witch collection.

Note: This collection also includes White Witch's House, a recent Enchanted Fables Collection release, but I don't have swatches of it because there are already plenty of recent swatches out there.

Lion's Breath

Let us start today with the one and only thermal in this collection: Lion's Breath ($14 AUD). As described by Femme Fatale:
This is a shade from the 2015 release following the original recipe. It is a brown (cold) to clear (warm) thermal packed full of golden holographic glitters in various sizes. This one will not be fully opaque in a warm or transition state due to the clear shift, however should be opaque in the cold state with 3 coats. Top coat is recommended as this will dry textured.

I believe this is actually the only polish from the original release that I did not own, so I was pretty surprised at how much I like it. Shown is 3 coats with top coat, and I found it to actually be pretty opaque in the warm state. The luscious gold glitter and shimmer took care of covering up my nail line pretty well, and the gold was really flattering with my skintone. The flow of shimmer and glitter really gave it an effervescent touch in my mind—is it weird that I think the cold state looks like Coca-Cola? It makes me thirsty! 

Yes, my nails are atrociously wet in these pictures. I don't think it really affects how the polish looks, other than, well, it's a thermal. It kept changing on me and I had to give up on drying my fingers between shots at different temperatures or I wouldn't be able to catch the state I was aiming for! 

Mostly cold state


Transition but mostly cold

The Secret of Secrets

We'll follow up with The Secret of Secrets. Speaking of secrets, I am literally just ordering my pictures based on the order that Femme Fatale sent me their descriptions so far. When I took the pictures themselves, they were in a completely different order, because, lover of new things that I am, I of course swatched the new additions to the collection first. Anyway, I digress. On the subject of The Secret of Secrets ($14 AUD), Femme Fatale says:   
This is a shade from the 2015 release following the original recipe. It has a sheer jelly grey base that is overwhelmed by a copper sheen when layered up. Within are (now discontinued) chrome copper-gold-green shifting flakes that we will be using our last of for this colour and copper holographic microfine glitters. This is likely the last time this shade will ever be made again for us. Opaque in 3 coats, top coat is recommended due to drying textured.

FF says 3 coats, I got it to work in 2 and of course plenty of top coat. It is stupid pretty. Now, usually my swatches are done in the middle of the night with my trusty 5500K bulb, but coincidence of coincidences, I happened to take the swatch pictures of this polish right around sunset—meaning, I unintentionally cranked up the "copper glow" aspect of it up to eleven, and it is just so pretty. The polish itself does make me think of a sunset, perhaps in a little glade surrounded by lush trees. Even though I honestly don't really like those flakes in most applications, for this polish, they really add a special touch that I am totally here for.  

Since I also own the original polish, here's the first of our comparison pictures!

Original on top/middle finger, 2020 release on other two
As you can see, the base is very slightly different; the 2020 release is warmer and perhaps a touch darker. I also found it to be sheerer, but apply more smoothly, although the formula of the old one might have been affected by age.

The First Northern Witch

Continuing with my "follow FF's lead so I don't have to pick an order myself" policy, we bring ourselves to The First Northern Witch ($12.50 AUD). FF says:

This is a shade from the 2015 release following the original recipe. A cool toned grey crelly with soft copper glow, and assorted microglitters in silver, gold and bronze. Accented with soft golden microflakes. Opaque in 3 coats, top coat is recommended due to drying textured.

So, do you remember my rant earlier? About how a polish from the original release of this collection attacked me until I lost my senses and ended up hundreds of bottles deep in indies? Yeah. It was The First Northern Witch. Something about it just speaks to me—I love how delicate it is, the way the copper shimmer glows in the grey base, and the gold flecks bring a taste of luxury. It's like (and okay, I know this is kind of a weird thing to want your nails to be) an antique, high-quality, porcelain vase. And it is this polish, not the much more famous Lantern Waste, that stole my heart. Sometimes when I think about the whole collection, I accidentally call it "The First Northern Witch Collection", not "White Witch", because this polish is just EVERYTHING to me.

Femme Fatale said 3 coats, but again, I am showing it in 2 and plenty of top because it was opaque enough for me in 2. 

Comparison picture:

2020 release on ring finger and pinky, 2015 release on middle finger (top finger in this picture)
I do want to mention that this new release bottle is significantly different from my original release bottle; however, I believe there were already two versions floating around out there, and it is very close to the other version. Since the original release was before FF implemented batch numbers (and from what I understand, is actually a big part of the reason that they were implemented) there's not really a way to know when your bottle is from or which version it is unless you actually compare them. My original release bottle is quite a bit lighter and less blue than this new release bottle. I also found the new formula to be significantly easier to apply; the old one was sheerer and kind of lumpier (which could have been caused by age as well). The sheerness did make it easier to see that sexy copper shimmer, though.

Lantern Waste

Next up we have the fan favorite, Lantern Waste ($14 AUD). This shade was already on the limited side back in 2015, as those flakies had been discontinued and it was uncertain how many bottles could be made. It of course ended up being terribly popular, and after-market prices ended up being silly high. Now:

This is a shade from the 2015 release following the original recipe however it does NOT use the original flakes, and we feel the blue tints we use have changed slightly from the original as well. A muted navy crème with red sheen, and red-orange-green shifting iridescent flakes. The original flakes were slightly smaller and had a similar colour shift effect, however were discontinued by manufacturer’s around 5-6 years ago. Opaque in 3 coats, top coat recommended.

I gotta be real with you guys, this shade, while not my favorite of the collection, is still the one I'm most scared of using up, and I only have half a bottle left. The new version is different from the old—well, we can talk about that later. I hope you appreciate the comparison pics, because I had to use up some of my precious for it!

My swatches are 2-3 coats, with top coat of course.

Now for the comparison:

Original on middle finger/top, new version on ring/bottom
As you can see, the main difference is that the flakes are harder to see head on in the original version. It's actually just as jam-packed, but the original flakes go completely transparent when you look at them head on, so they're less easy to see in pictures. Because the flakes like to hide, the shimmer in the base really comes out to play more. The new flakes also have more of a metallic look to them that I don't think I would ascribe to the old ones. As for the base color, they are suuuuuper super close, but they ARE slightly different, although it's really hard to tell on the nail and in pictures. I'd say the new base is a tinge greener and more muted. You can see the difference a bit more easily if you look at the bottles, but it really isn't much of a difference. So basically, if you missed out on the original Lantern Waste and have a void in your heart as a result, I think the new release version goes a long way towards filling that spot, albeit not completely perfectly.

Moonlight Statues

Here we take a slight detour from the path laid out by Femme Fatale, mostly because the new releases had started to be sprinkled in here. Moonlight Statues ($12.50 AUD), as described by the brand: 

This is a shade from the 2015 release following the original recipe. It has a magenta jelly base with soft turquoise sheen, silver holographic glitters in various sizes and scattered teal holographic glitters as well. Opaque in 3 coats, top coat is recommended due to drying textured.

While you would expect this polish to be super sheer since it's a glitter jelly, I did actually only need 2 coats and top, with the bottle turned upside-down between coats. It probably could have used another coat, but between the glitter and the shimmer, I didn't see any VNL after the second coat. 


I thought that Lion's Breath was the only polish I didn't buy from the original collection, but when I went to look for my original bottle of Moonlight Statues, I didn't come up with anything! So I guess I never bought it, and therefore can't compare it for you.

Her Imperial Majesty

Her Imperial Majesty ($13 AUD) is, in my opinion, one of the more unique shades in the collection. It has this very interesting muted quality, almost as if you're looking at the bits in it through a sheer curtain that's sometimes purple and sometimes grey. FF's description:

This is a shade from the 2015 release following the original recipe. A murky purple crelly overlaid with pink shimmers and fuchsia microfine metallic glitters. I think the base in this one tends to lean an interesting greyish brown in some lighting. Opaque in 3 coats, top coat recommended.

It's another of my favorites in the collection, and despite apparently having glitter in it, I don't think it quite acts like it. I remember removal to be pretty easy—but don't quote me on that, because I haven't taken it off without a peel-off base in a while. I needed 2 coats for opacity, but honestly, I felt like I could have gotten away with one thicker coat if I really wanted.

As for the comparison:

2020 release on ring finger and pinky, 2015 release on middle finger (top finger in this picture)
The new one is darker and less pink than my original bottle. It was also more opaque, as I only needed 2 coats for full opacity—honestly, I thought it was fine with 1 coat—but I definitely needed 3 for the 2015 release. 

Hundred Years Winter

I'm not sure how many times I said "favorite" in this collection already, but Hundred Years Winter ($12.50 AUD) is another of my top picks. I loved the original quite a bit back in 2015; and I remember as I was applying it, I just kept thinking, "Wow, so THIS is what polish application is supposed to be like!" It just went on so smoothly, and leveled itself so well, and dried so perfectly between coats... It was the perfect exemplar of why I love the Femme Fatale formula. Anyway, the old one has a darker and warmer base. It also has a slightly worse formula than the rerelease—it's not quite sheerer, but it doesn't apply quite as smoothly or level quite as well.

FF's description:

This is a shade from the 2015 release following the original recipe. I think the tints have changed since the original release so the colour may not be an identical match, even though we used the original recipe. It’s an interesting dusty rose crème base which in some lights can lean more brown or purple; and it has a strong turquoise shine over the top. Absolutely lovely. Opaque in 3 coats with top coat recommended.

Okay so listen, 3 coats is a lie. I did 2. But I definitely could have done just 1, especially if I were much more heavy-handed with my application—if you hadn't realized before, I am definitely that person who uses super thin coats and then overworks the polish while I'm at it. If I had just been a bit more calm with my application, 1 coat would have been plenty.

So... this is awkward. That weird little orange bump is not a bump but actually the sun randomly making an appearance and looking like a weird polish pimple lol

Comparison pic:

2020 release on ring finger and pinky, 2015 release on middle finger (top finger in this picture). I decided, in the name of speed, to just crop and upload the comparison shots, but now all I can see is all of the lint and hairs that I didn't catch before I took the pics D:

As I said before, the old version is a little darker and warmer. I'd call it more of a rosewood, and I'd call the new release color more of a mauve. The shimmer is also a lot easier to see in the new version, which also applies much more smoothly than the old version. 

Heart's Desires

Alright, stay with me, we've finally made it to the last polish from 2015: Heart's Desires ($14 AUD). The FF description reads:

This is a shade from the 2015 release following the original recipe. A sheer coral pink base that’s slightly muted by the copper reflects within. Also has superfine golden glitters, and gold-green-blue shifting crystal flakes. I don’t think we were able to match the flakes to the exact same ones initially used in 2015 but it’s definitely kept quite close. This is another shade that we think will be slightly different due to tint changes, too. However overall it is matched as closely as we could manage. Opaque in 3 coats with top coat recommended.

I did need three coats, and of course I never go without top coat. Also, does anyone else have a weird craving for Turkish delight right about now?

And now for the final comparison picture:

2020 release on ring finger, 2015 release on middle finger (top finger in this picture)

As you can see, the main difference is in the base! It actually looks quite close in person. The old version is a touch lighter and peacher, and in my opinion it's easier to see these little copper speckles in it. The new version also applied less sheer; while I needed 3 coats for both, at the second coat, there was still a lot of VNL in the old version but it was mostly obscured in the 2020 release. 


White Witch Vol. 2 will be available for preorder direct from Femme Fatale between 9am AEST November 1st and 9pm AEST November 5th. Most shades should be available from stockists, with the possible exception of The Secret of Secrets. The full set can be bought as a bundle for 10% off, both with ($144 AUD) and without ($131.40 AUD) the recently released polish White Witch's House. Don't forget to check out Part 2 here with the new releases for next month!

Did you pick up the originals, back in the day? Are you excited for the re-release and planning on grabbing any of these polishes?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and the comps! I’m happy to have my originals as I generally prefer them, especially Lantern Waste. I have the bluer version of white witch and a new and old Hundred Years Winter. I hadn’t actually compared them as they looked identical in the bottle to me.

    1. Thank you! I know my thoughts can get kind of rambly! I saw a post today that attributed my overuse of em dashes to my ADHD, so that's my excuse lol. The old Lantern Waste had a very ethereal charm, but I love how easy it is to see the flakies in the new one! My Hundred Years Winters looked very similar in the bottles as well, but once I swatched just in case, I realized there is still a difference. The tints changing must be very rough for Sophie.