Femme Fatale November 2020 Pt. 2—White Witch Vol. 2 and other new releases

Disclaimer: I received these polishes in exchange for swatch pictures. Opinions are my own.

Today, we're taking a look at the completely new polishes available for preorder from Femme Fatale Cosmetics in November 2020. That means three new polishes for the White Witch collection, inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, and two "of the Month" polishes. I don't have a whole lot to say that I haven't already said in Part 1, so we can jump right into it!

White Witch Vol. 2

Here's a refresher on the mood board for this collection, courtesy of Femme Fatale!

Blazing With Stars

Blazing With Stars ($14 AUD) is the first of the new polishes in the 2020 revamp of the White Witch collection. Femme Fatale's description reads:
This is a new shade to this collection. It’s a velvety deep blue jelly with superfine copper reflects and small holographic silver flakes. Opaque in 3 coats, top coat recommended.
Pictured is 3 coats with top; I found it to dry reasonably smooth but top coat is like an addiction that I can't get away from. Without top coat, I just feel like polish is a little too flat when it should be plush, if that makes sense? Anyway, I found this polish to be kind of frustrating to photograph. It is blue, it is velvety, it's like a bottle of deep night... but it's also a holo and in some lightings, looks much greener and perhaps less saturated than under the light I used for pictures. So I just want to say that I'm not completely confident in the accuracy of my swatches for this one, or maybe, rather, that it's kind of a shifter for no apparent reason. I sat at my desk staring at the picture for like half an hour before my husband took mercy on me and took a look, only to tell me that the uncorrected picture was actually pretty close.

So, if you love deep blues, this is a polish for you.

Light of a Dying Sun

Light of a Dying Sun ($13 AUD) is like the somewhat deeper, cooler cousin to Heart's Desires. From FF:
This is a new shade to this collection. We have another muted berry-red jelly base, this one is full of golden microflakes and holographic glitters. This one will be opaque in 3 coats and will definitely need top coat as it will dry textured.
Is "lighter cranberry" a valid color description? My very first impression of this polish is that it reminded me of the cold state of the polish mentioned in my previous post, Polished By KPT Same Fall, Different Beginning. I think, in the end though, that it's actually lighter and brighter than that, but with a similar finish with the gold flakes and holo glitter. My swatch is 3 coats and top; I noted that I couldn't see VNL after 2 coats, but the third one worked to deepen the color.

A High and Lonely Destiny

PURPLE. This polish is PURPLE. The moment I took it out of the box, my eyes got wide and I had to put it on my nails immediately. A High and Lonely Destiny ($12.50 AUD) described by FF:
This is a new shade to this collection. A stunning sheer blue jelly base packed with holographic purple microglitters. This one will be opaque in 3 coats and will definitely need top coat as it will dry textured.

Stunning is accurate. It certainly stopped me in my tracks for a moment the first time I saw it, especially with just how intense both the purple and the gorgeous red holo flash are. When you put on the first coat of this polish, it's mostly the blue jelly base with a little bit of glitter scattered, but it really does build up quickly to full opacity in the third coat. I have it pictured with 3 coats and top.

Note that I very much had to adjust the color of the polish in my swatches for this one. The unedited pictures came out really blue, which I found to be disappointing because not only was it a poor representation of the color in person, but it also didn't quite pack the PURPLE punch that was necessary. As far as the holo goes, it's also extremely flashy, which doesn't come across as well in the nails themselves, but shows pretty well in the bottle shots since they're a bit out of focus—you can absolutely expect to see the same effect on your nails, it's just very hard to photograph with artificial light. Yes, the capitals are necessary every time I say the color, and I'm just going to keep saying it. This polish is SO PURPLE. It is like the paragon of PURPLE. The scattered holo in it mostly shows this brilliant red flash that, again, only accentuates the PURPLE. Okay, I'll stop now, but I hope I have fully impressed upon you my PURPLE point now. 

There you go, that's it for White Witch Vol. 2! If you missed the rest of the polishes, they're in my Part 1 post here. As a recap, all the polishes will be available individually or as a full set in preorder format direct from Femme Fatale between 9am AEST November 1st and 9pm AEST November 5th. Most shades should be available from stockists, with the possible exception of The Secret of Secrets. Pricing for the full set is 10% off what it would cost you to buy everything individually, both with ($144 AUD) and without ($131.40 AUD) the more recently released polish White Witch's House

Monthly One-offs

These next two polishes are the Femme Fatale Color of the Month and the Fiend of the Month. The Fiend of the Month is only available to members of the Femme Fatale Fiends Facebook group—and if you're not already a member, I highly recommend joining. Both of these polishes will be available for preorder at the same time as White Witch Vol. 2. If you've already forgotten when that is, scroll up about half an inch, to the other side of that grey line, and I've got links there as well!

Marker of the Hour

Marker of the Hour ($12.50 AUD) is the Color of the Month for November, meaning that it will be going to stockists. It's a thermal, so keep that in mind as well. FF describes it as:
A bright teal (warm) to purple (cold) thermal with metallic green microglitters in assorted sizes. Opaque in 3 coats, top coat recommended.

The inspiration picture for Marker of the Hour, courtesy of Femme Fatale

Pictured is 3-4 coats of this one as the warm state is pretty sheer. However, when I was color-correcting the picture—and it VERY MUCH needed the correction, teals are the bane of my existence—I swatched it on a single finger and definitely only needed 2-3 coats. So I guess, application gets easier with experience?
I found the teal to be quite green-leaning, but photographed blue-leaning, hence the color correction, which I hope got it right, because it took me a whole lot of time and effort. The purple also photographed bluer and deeper than I would describe it in person, especially in the bottle shots. At first the thermal was a bit slow to change, but after a few changes, it started being too sensitive, and that's why some of the pictures are still wet. I couldn't work fast enough to get the shots I wanted of the different states otherwise.






Transition—I thought it was cute how it ended up marbled like that


Magellanic Cloud

Magellanic Cloud ($15 AUD) is the Fiend of the Month, meaning that it will not be available to stockists, and if you want to buy it, you MUST be a member of the Femme Fatale Fiends fan group on Facebook. As FF describes it:

A blue based deep teal green with a slight blue duochrome shift, and golden holographic microglitters. Has a slight satin type of finish. Opaque in 2-3 coats, top coat recommended.

It's honestly the perfect match for the inspiration picture, a veritable galaxy-in-a-bottle type polish.

Inspo pic courtesy of FF
I only needed 1-2 coats of this polish. The first coat pretty much took care of any VNL, and the second one deepened the color into that sexy, sexy snapshot of space, with stars both close and further away. Magellanic Cloud ranks pretty high on my list of recent FF polishes, and I'd really hate for people to miss out on it! 

Again, you must be a member of Femme Fatale Fiends in order to purchase this polish when it releases, and it will NOT be headed to stockists. And even if you're not interested in this polish for whatever unfathomable reason, I still recommend joining the group because it's a lovely space on the internet, filled with a lot of really talented and friendly people! ...Okay, so maybe there's also a whole lot of temptation—don't say I didn't warn you.

This is not quite it for Femme Fatale's November offerings—I'm still sitting on my swatches of the November HHC (spoiler alert: it's another thermal!)—but it does cover everything that will be available from them directly. I've said it maybe 10 times already, but I'm personally very excited to see the collection that first had me selling my heart to Femme Fatale making a comeback to end up in the hands of people who are newer to the indie polish scene, and in my opinion, the new additions are also simply gorgeous. What about you? Any favorites out of the new releases?

As always: thank you for reading, sorry for my absence, and please let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I have absolutely no issue with wet nails and hands. I can be necessary and personally I like the effect. Teals were all my swatching nemesis but my heart’s true love.

    1. It bothers me a little. When I was editing, I kept wanted to reach out and wipe the water drops off. Not being able to was really uncomfortable lol. Teals are such a pain to photograph but so beautiful.