Blush Lacquers Sea Water Shimmers Part 2

Update 10/13/2020: It's been almost two years since I last posted here, and I rarely wear polish anymore. But I still sometimes follow the community, although I'm a few days late seeing the recent news related to Blush Lacquer. I cannot in good conscience recommend supporting their brand anymore—although I'm sure it's obvious by these posts that I truly did love their work, there are just as many brands out there who don't have problematic views. For more context, you can check out @beautybattalion's instagram highlights titled "Please read". 

Disclaimer: All polishes in this post purchased by me.

Great news (for me), I was relatively good over Black Friday! There are SO many things that I did NOT buy. Kind of. I have to admit that I maybe was a little guilty of making maybe a few large purchases, like a macro lens for my DSLR (a Real™ macro lens! I can take Real™ macros now!), a new laptop to blog and edit pictures on (and so I can keep my polish mess out of sight), and even a Fitbit (evidently, I make Black Friday resolutions the same way other people make New Year's resolutions). Oh, and I also bought the entire Blush Lacquers Sea Water Shimmers Part 2 collections. Technically that was a PRE-Black Friday sale, so if you insist on asking, that's my defense.

Anyway, those Blush polishes are the entire point of this post, so we'd better get to it!

The Sea Water Shimmers Part 2 collection is comprised of 7 more-or-less pastel-y shimmers. It's a follow-up to a collection that debuted back when the brand was still quite new and exclusively sold on Etsy. In past posts, I may not have been very subtle about how much I'm obsessed with shimmers, so you can probably guess that I actually do own at least a couple from Part 1. I think I bought 2 or 3, with the intention of going back for more, but budgets happen and unfortunately that ship has LONG sailed. Luckily I can soothe myself with the polishes in this collection, as some do bear a striking resemblance to the old generation, but they're definitely not dupes as the shimmers come across very differently. Part 1 polishes had a noticeably finer shimmer that also wasn't nearly so shifty as the ones I'm about to show you!

Every swatch in this post is under artificial lighting with only 2 coats of polish, sandwiched between Vapid's Commitment Issues (base coat) and their High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat.

Marin Bering ($13)

This is a muted blush rose—maybe even leaning towards a cool mauve—crelly base with a glowing near-metallic shimmer that shifts from red to gold to green. It reminds me a bit of Fin Swirl from part 1, although Fin Swirl has a smoother and not particularly shifty shimmer.

Calliope Pacifica ($13)

Calliope Pacifica has a smooth, dove grey crelly base, but you can hardly see it through the incredibly strong pink-to-orange shimmer. I love the effect of this one; the muted base kind of muffles the shimmer, but instead of smothering it, creates this ethereal lit-from-within glow.

Theodora Delphine ($13)

Another muted crelly base, this time in a soft, sweet sage green. The shimmer is gold to a bright green—in the bottle it looks like it wants to be blue. This does have the same glow as the others thus far, but sometimes looks a little frostier than I prefer.

Vanora Horizon ($13)

One of my favorites in the collection! A slightly toned-down lime green crelly with fierce pink-orange-gold-green shifting shimmer. Similar to the very popular Nerida Stinger, but again, with much more of a shift as well as a coarser shimmer. The color makes me think of witch-cursed frogs, but in the best possible way! I bet it looks incredible in a gradient with black.

Showing the green shift

I tried to show the orange shift as well, but they do kinda look similar.

Ocean Moonbeam ($13)

A murky turquoise base with shimmer that's sometimes purple, sometimes pink, maybe turquoise, and then sometimes just kind of vanishes! I will be honest and say that I'm not as much of a fan of this one. I don't love it with my coloring, and it does tend towards frosty. But I still ended up taking a bunch of extra pictures of it just trying to catch how it morphs with movement and different lighting!

Esme Cove ($13)

A purple base with blue to purple to red/pink shimmer, but the purple base leans brown sometimes, which gives the polish what I'm going to call a strange flavor. The delicate contrast puts this polish firmly in my "pretty weird but also weirdly pretty!" category! I won't say it's unique as I think I have a couple of polishes that are similar (but of course not the same) in feeling—Femme Fatale's Eilonwy and Hundred Years Winter both come to mind—but every time I see the combo, I'm struck anew in a way. It feels very special because of how weird it tastes to my eyes, maybe like a magical swamp that changes every time you walk into it. 

Gemma Atlas ($13)

Another grey base, this one maybe a touch deeper and bluer than Calliope Pacifica, but it looks completely different because the shimmer is mainly green (although it shifts to red and orange-ish sunset hues). It's like the lush, cooler sister to Calliope's fiery spirit.

Talise Tempest (gift with purchase of full collection)

Talise Tempest was the 8th polish of the 7-piece set! It's a bonus that comes with purchase of the complete collection. On the surface, it's quite similar to Ocean Moonbeam: the more-or-less blue bases, the purple shimmer. However, the base of Talise Tempest is significantly less green: think medium cornflower rather than aqua. I think the shimmer is the same, although that's just a guess. I honestly sat here for like 10 minutes comparing the two, and the bases are different enough that at some angles, the shimmers seem like they might be different as they play with the hues of the bases, but then it also seems like a trick of the light, so I never feel quite sure

Next up, my two tag-alongs! I'm calling them that, but really, they were my favorites in the whole order. Sadly, one is no longer available, so prepare yourself!

Illuminate ($13)

One of the two polishes released to celebrate Blush's two year anniversary, Illuminate is insanely beautiful. Like seriously, I am not exaggerating when I say it's one of my favorite polishes ever. It has a bright aqua (leaning blue) base that's filled with the sparkles and shift of a red to gold to green shimmer, plus the lightest, softest kiss of holo flakes. I admit, I originally put it in the cart thinking it was going to be a dupe for China Glaze Pearl Jammin', with a better formula, but it is not. Illuminate is just too sparkly and too shifty for that. Sure, it's in the same family: it leaves a similar delicate impression, but I find it impossible to mistake the two in person. I was right about one thing, though: the formula is much better than Pearl Jammin', and it's honestly much, much better than a pastel blue is usually allowed to have! It glides on smoothly, and while not quite opaque in 2 coats, it comes damn close.

Sorry for all of the similar pictures! I was like, I want to show ALL the shifts!! Buuuut I maybe just ended up with a lot of pictures that are only very slightly different.

Return to the Sea (no longer available, $10)

This is the final polish I have to show you today, and it's a color combination that I can just never get tired of. Return to the Sea has a denim blue (but inching towards teal) based with red to gold to green shimmer and a dusting of holo. The shimmer looks smoother than that in Illuminate, but it's not the completely smooth shimmer of say, Vapid Sweaters N Denim. This was from the "Blush Boudoir" and was specially available in the Pre-Black Friday sale.

Okay this time the shift I captured in the two different pictures is DEFINITELY different, right? Right??

Just lie to me if they're not different. I can't handle the truth if I'm wrong.

We did it! That's it for polishes! If at any point while you read this post, you found yourself wishing any of this was already on your nails, I'd head over to the Blush Lacquers site and grab what you can while it's still available! Don't have regrets like I do with the first Sea Water Shimmers collection. And if you do (or don't, I can respect a budget), leave a comment and let me know what you got, what you love, or what you're looking forward to!

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