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Okay, we're back! I wanted to bake some cookies for a social event tomorrow, and let's just say it's been a really long time since I baked any cookies. It's uh, a bit of a mess. I've also managed to consume too much chocolate for the rest of the month, and the cookies aren't even done baking yet. Whew.

So let's just get right to it!

Multisticks! This is an upcoming Shiro product that's been released for, as they put it, "peer review". This is a preview of a product still in development, so there are still some kinks to be ironed out. It's meant to be a multi-use product that works well on both cheeks and lips. Most are pretty sheer, so I can see how you could use them as a light tint for either. Review and swatches after the jump!

I found the unfragranced formula to be quite creamy but feel dry in a way; to me this usually means there's silicone in it, and that it's sitting on the skin rather than being absorbed. When cooler, the formula reminds me of Shiro's Elemental Glows but creamier. However, with more warmth, it melts a bit and feels waxier. I didn't really think they set very well, especially when applied thick enough to see the color, and none of them left behind any stains. They're really great for a subtle, sheer wash of color over an area, and are buildable as well, but not to the point of easily overdoing it.

I was worried that I'd find them too creamy on my lips, but I actually didn't find that to be the case. Would probably avoid rubbing lips too much to avoid smearing them, anyway, and they don't have much lasting power so they need constant reapplication on the lips. My guess is that they fare better on the cheeks, but I haven't had a chance to do a wear test there. The formula isn't moisturizing, but I didn't find it to be especially drying, either.

I think my favorite part about the product is the theme and the labeling, though! I love that each lady scientist has a few bullet points allowing you to see who they were and how they are notable. Even though I have no idea what Conservation of Parity is, I can tell you that Chien-Shiung Wu disproved it! And I'm very happy that one of the tubes has my last name on it, because, well, for as common a last name as it is, you hardly see any representation of it in media. It was honestly a big part of the reason I decided to try to product. I'd love to talk more about any of these scientists, and normally I would go all out in this blog post, but it's getting late and I'm starting to find that I can't exactly words anymore.

Over bare skin, L-R: Easley, Curie, Chatelet, Agnesi

Over bare skin, L-R: Wu, Lovelace, Johnson, Herschel

So at first, my methodology for arm swatches involved swatching directly on my skin within the stencil. However, I found that the product was easier to work with if I put it on my fingers first and then applied that way. For the lips, I just swiped it on trying to build opacity. I'd probably consider the lip swatches to be 2-3 coats or so.

Swatches will be presented in alphabetical order, because that's the easiest way for me to keep them straight. You'll see that some are quite sheer and might seem similar to each other; I know you'd probably be better served by comparisons, or having the similar colors next to each other, but I think you're best served by having the right label on each swatch.


Maria Agnesi. Sheer orchid purple. This one didn't show up on my arm skin very well, so the seahorse looks oddly misshapen, until you look more closely and you realize that it's actually fine? I think this is a very wearable cool cheek color despite how wild it looks in the tube.

Shiro: "A bright, midtone fuchsia".


Emelie du Chatelet. This is very much a MLBB shade on me, which makes it pretty hard to see on my lips. It's a bit on the shiny side and on the sheer side.

Shiro: "A dusty, muted rose".


Marie Curie. Warm brown. Usually I am all about brown lips, but I didn't like this on my lips as it kind of washed me out, you know like my lips but deadder. It's one of the more opaque shades in the collection, though. I think it makes a good contour or bronzer shade.

Shiro: "A warm sable contour."


Annie Easley, a warm orange. I also didn't really like this on my lips, but I probably would have about six years ago. It's like one of my favorite Shiro Intertubes, but without the shimmer. I didn't find it super opaque, so I think it would warm me up really well as a blush.

Shiro: "Warm apricot-orange".


Caroline Herschel. Straight lavender. This sheered easily, but was also one of the lip tints that was easier to see on me. I thought it was a bit on the opaque side for this formula (that is, still sheer, but verging on translucency) and also unsurprisingly unflattering on me. However, I think I could make it work pretty easily with a cooler makeup look.

Shiro: "A cool, sheer lilac shade".


Katherine Johnson. Vampy burgundy with a brown lean. I love the idea of this color, but the execution is a bit off. It's too sheer for so deep of a color, so it looks patchy on the lips, and the color tone is very similar to that of dried blood. I think it needs to be applied with fingers (as I applied it on the stencil) rather than directly from the tube for best results. For the lip swatches, I applied it directly on my lips, and, well, you can see for yourself. Yikes.

Shiro: "A deep wine mauve".


Ada Lovelace. Cool, bright, Barbie pink, kind of like a Lip Smackers strawberry tint, but without the flavor.  My product shot looks way off to me. It's lighter and less raspberry. I did not find this shade to be flattering on my lips, but I really like it blended out as a blush.

Shiro: "A bold, bright strawberry-candy pink".


Chien-Shiung Wu. I'm not sure if "cherry apple red" is a thing, but that's what I want to call this shade. It's got a nice translucency to the red that makes it really delicate and wearable and jelly-like. It blends with my natural lip color to come out this oddly bright red (that threw off my camera's white balance, thanks a lot red), but on my skin it seems more muted so it blends out really well for a sweet flush. Probably my favorite lip color out of all of these.

Shiro: "A cool cherry red with golden shimmer".

Wait, hold up, what? Golden shimmer?? Okay, I just went back to look at it, and there is actually shimmer in this, as well as pretty much every other color in the set. It's just very subtle, kind of hidden shimmer that adds a bit of glow more than anything else. I don't think you'll notice it except when looking very closely at the tube. The shimmer in Wu specifically doesn't look especially golden to me, and it definitely didn't come out in any of the swatches. I was operating under the impression that all of these multisticks were straight cremes until I read that description.

So, overall, I think that this is a set with a lot of potential. I liked most of the shades better as cheek tints than lipsticks, but to be fair, I usually wear more opaque lip products. The formula is wonderfully blendable, but it's easy to sheer it out too much. However, it's very comfortable and the product is perfect for really quick makeup when you want one of those "I'm just naturally glowy!" days.

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