Fanchromatic Nails: Polish Pickup and a little more

Disclaimer: I was sent these polishes by the brand in exchange for swatches and a review.

Oops! I did not mean to take such a long break between posts; I actually have a ton of makeup and nail polish that I want to swatch and write up, but I just haven't gotten around to it. My excuse is that I'm trying to grind up the ladder in League of Legends, but it's, uh, not going well right now, so I'm taking a little break to tell you about a few gorgeous polishes that I was sent by Fanchromatic Nails to review.

One of these polishes is a super limited edition Polish Pickup shade, so you'll want to go check that out this coming weekend, February 2-5, 2018! The other two came along for the ride because just that one polish would have been lonely by itself.

Fanchromatic Nails is actually the very first brand that ever asked me to swatch for them, so I definitely have a bit of a soft spot for their polishes. I don't own very many, but I've been extremely impressed with the ones I do have, and definitely have more on my wishlist!

The Pie Hole

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First up is The Pie Hole, the Fanchromatic contribution to February's Polish Pickup! This month's theme is Sugar Rush, and The Pie Hole is inspired by the quirky diner in the very quirky show Pushing Daisies. Fanchromatic describes it as "a soft sage green with a strong red/orange/gold colorshifting shimmer, flakies in red and iridescent gold/green, and a smattering of green/gold chameleon glitter."

This polish is so complex and beautiful! The formula was great, and I only needed 3 coats for full opacity. It will be $10 with no cap.

I love it mattified as well! This is a layer of KBShimmer Oh Matte! over Vapid's High Shine Quick Dry top coat.

Stamped with Painted Polish Stamped in Seafoam, Stamped in Mint, and image from Ejiubas x Don Deeva, 

I thought it was a little sheer on my first coat (although it built up to opacity easily!) so I figured I'd also try it one thin coat over Painted Polish Midnight Mischief, a creme black.

And matte!

A Shortcut to Mushrooms

A Shortcut to Mushrooms is "an earthy, taupe-leaning, soft matte grey creme". It's the perfect mushroom grey-brown, just like the name! It's inspired by JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

My swatch pictures lean kind of green, but the tones I pick up in person are more of a greige/grey/brown. It was difficult to photograph the true color; the bottle shot is way more yellow than it should be. 

A Shortcut to Mushrooms dries matte. I only needed two coats for full opacity. I had a little difficulty with application the first time I tried, and the polish wasn't as smooth as I'd prefer, but I tried just giving it a good shake before applying (since I recently learned about the mixotropic properties of nail polish), and found it went on perfectly smoothly after that. I also noticed that the bottle settled pretty quickly, but it was fine with a good shake.

No top coat

With Vapid High Shine Quick Dry top coat

Wrapped in Plastic

Finally, we've got Wrapped in Plastic. This sheer polish based "the infamous photo of Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks"is meant to be worn as a topper, and it is a glorious one. It dries matte for that plasticky look, but when glossy, it sparkles and shifts like crazy! Fanchromatic's description: "The slightly milky base shifts from aqua to blue to purple, and it's packed with large iridescent flakies that shift green/aqua/blue/indigo/purple." This is the second topper that I've received for review from Fanchromatic, and it is just as impressive as the first!

No top coat

Vapid QDTC

Over black; no top coat

Over black, Vapid QDTC

Thanks for reading! You can get your hands on more Fanchromatic Polishes on their Etsy, and of course The Pie Hole will be available starting tomorrow, Feb 2nd, 2018 at 8 AM Pacific from the Polish Pickup and will no longer be available after it closes on Feb 5th. Go put it in your wishlist now!

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