Limited edition Corvus Cosmetics highlighters: East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these with my own money and I am not a member of Corvus's affiliate program.

Corvus Cosmetics recently participated in a collaboration with Nui Cobalt Designs, Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries, and Arcana Wildcraft where all four companies created a collection based on the Norwegian fairy tale, "East of the Sun and West of the Moon". Corvus's contribution was this gorgeous set of 5 highlighters that I immediately had to pick up! As of this post, all five highlighters are still available in samples, minis and full sizes, but don't wait too long because when the current stock runs out, they won't be back.

Wait, what's this?! Why are there 6 highlighters in the picture, when there are only 5 in the collection?? Well, I had actually grabbed 6 highlighters from Corvus in this order, but the 6th one I won't be swatching for you today. It's Acropolis, from the highly limited Athena's Army box, and therefore isn't from this collection. Acropolis is very gorgeous, but as you're about to see, it doesn't match the theme of the swatch shapes I picked out for this post.

Yeah, that's right, fun shapes are back! And this time they actually look pretty nice, if I do say so myself! I convinced a friend to let me use her Silhouette Cameo and cut up some fun vinyl stencils. Today we've got bears, suns, and moons. You know, because East of the Sun, West of the Moon and one of the main characters is a polar bear? The bears are over foundation, heavily applied on the head and and then faded out towards their butts so you can see how well they blend. Suns are over Hello Waffle Enchantment (which is my favorite glitter adhesive, if I haven't mentioned that before), and moons are over Nyx Black Bean.

White Bear

Corvus calls White Bear "a silver base with a strong turquoise shift," and I couldn't have put it better myself. It looks silvery at times, turquoise at others and I was actually pretty confused when I was looking at it. It's definitely a morpher!

White Bear is vegan and eye-safe, but not lip-safe.

Over foundation, blended out

Over HW Enchantment

Over Nyx Black Bean

The North Wind

The North Wind has a strong pink shimmer in it, offset by a very pale blue base. Really, all you can see is the shimmer, although the base makes it lean a little more purple-y in some lights.

The North Wind is vegan and eye-safe, but not lip-safe.

Blended over foundation

Over HW Enchantment

Over Nyx Black Bean

The East Wind

When I spoke to Noel, the owner of Corvus, about this collection, she told me in no uncertain terms that this highlighter is her absolute favorite out of the five! It's not hard to see why. The East Wind has a pale purple base with a perfectly contrasting green shimmer. The site swatches seem to have a bit of trouble picking up the purple, and pull the green more towards gold, but I promise you it's purple and green in real life. It'll make just as stunning an eyeshadow as it does a highlighter. You can even see how it shifts over Enchantment in these pictures!

Now, I do want to note that my initial swatches of this color were a little bit streaky because the batch that my jar was filled from had bits of unblended purple pigment in them. I contacted Corvus's customer service, and they were more than willing to replace it for me; however, I opted not to take the replacement as I found the product still useable, and I was able to blend the bits of pigment into the mix with a metal spatula. If you find yourself with a similar issue, I 100% recommend you contact CS because they will definitely take care of you!

The East Wind is vegan and eye-safe, but not lip-safe.

Blended over foundation

Over HW Enchantment

Over Nyx Black Bean

The West Wind

The West Wind features a strong purple shift and a pale pink base. As with The North Wind, I don't really find the base to come out much, but you can certainly see it in the jar. This is probably my favorite of the collection, just because of how much I like the purple! I remember distinctly and audibly ahh-ing at it when I first swatched it. If you want a purple highlighter that can almost look natural, but can also be built up to blinding heights, I recommend this one.

The West Wind is not vegan, but it is eye- and lip-safe.

Blended out over foundation

over HW Enchantment

Over Nyx Black Bean

The South Wind

The final highlighter in our journey through this collection is The South Wind. This is more suitable for tanner skin tones; it's a deeper pink base (Corvus says "coppery") with a striking gold shift. If you've tried Corvus Eliza or Hattie, this is kind of like a combination of the two. I think it would make a great glowy summery blush for anyone paler than me, and a good sun-kissed highlight for anyone darker than me, but it's kind of too close to my skintone for me to do either of those. I do like it on myself as a blush and as an eyeshadow. Over black, it combines the base and the shift into a sweet metallic bronze that you don't want to miss.

The South Wind is not vegan, but it is eye- and lip-safe!

Finally finally finally, I have something a little different for you! If you follow me on Instagram, or are already in the Corvus Nest Facebook group, then you might have seen this already! After the first time I swatched these over black, I absolutely loved how they looked and thought they might make the perfect colors for oil slick lips! I know, I know, I just went out of my way to make sure you know that 60% of this collection is not lip-safe, and now I go and put all of them on my lips? Well, don't worry about it too much, and do your research before you put anything on your lips!

These are over OCC's lip tar in Tarred, which is just a basic glossy black.

So, as I mentioned earlier, these highlighters are limited edition! They've already been discontinued, so although there's still stock in the Corvus store, once it sells out, you won't be able to get any more! That first link goes directly to the collection page, where you can also find links to the other brands in the collaboration! Most of them are perfume, which I was tempted by, but didn't go for simply because I don't really wear perfume on a daily basis. However, I do have to highly recommend Arcana's blends, as they make a lot of my favorites to sniff. I took a little look before I wrote this post, and a good number of perfumes are still available, if that's what you're into!

While you're on the Corvus site, I definitely recommend checking out their other highlighters. I love their formula; it provides the perfect satiny smooth glow and in a variety of exciting colors! Corvus also has a loyalty rewards program, so make sure to sign up for that before you make a purchase. Finally, they usually have a few good discounts floating around online so make sure to look around for one of those!

That's it from me! Are you going to grab these before they run out? Do you have a favorite from the collection? Did you try any of the perfumes? Tell me in the comments!

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