Painted Polish pt. 2

Time for the second half of my Painted Polish order! Now, this half is all cremes, and they are all advertised as being great for stamping, so that's what I did with them. Turns out they all stamp amazingly, even over black, and they're all one-coaters to boot. All polishes in this post purchased by me.

Stamped in Moss

Stamped in Moss! Painted over the index and pinky in one glorious coat each. Stamped over black on the middle finger (yes. That's how it looks OVER black.) and over Moss Meditation on the ring finger. Stamping plate were (Emily de Molly) EDM10 and EDM20.

 I have never needed a green creme as much as I needed this one. It is SO perfect and earthy!

Stamped in Mustard

This is a mustard yellow, I think a little more muted than it looks in this picture. One perfect coat on index and pinky, stamped over Galaxy Gaze on middle finger and over Midnight Mischief on the ring finger. Plates were EDM05 and EDM18. I think the plate I used wasn't quite etched deep enough to pick it up, but I have it over black again in another picture later on so you can see how bright and perfect it is. Because it is.

Stamped in Mocha

I thought this was a surprisingly good nude for my skin tone; then I pulled it out for a friend to look at, and it was a surprisingly good nude for her completely different skin tone as well! So, it's pretty versatile. Again, one perfect coat over index and pinky, stamped over black on the ring finger, and over Galaxy Gaze on the middle finger. EDM19 and EDM27 (faulty).

Isn't it amazing how opaque these are over black? I mean, I know that's part of why I bought them in the first place, but wow. It's unbelievable.

Stamped in Mulberry

A very pretty dusty purple creme, Stamped in Mulberry is also a one coater that stamps opaquely over black. Index and pinky are one coat of it each, it's stamped over black on the middle finger (ha-HA, I mixed it up on you!) and over Dewdrop Dreams on the ring finger. EDM05.

Stamped in Stone

Stamped in Stone is not part of the new Fall into Zen collection, but I've had my eye on it for a while, so it joined the other polishes in my order. One coat each over my index and pinky fingers (the dots are Kissin' Kelp), stamped over Galaxy Gaze on my middle finger and black on my ring finger. As you can see, much like the other cremes in this post, it also doesn't change at all over black. Gonna have to declare this one the perfect grey creme polish. Moyou London Sailors 05.


In addition to all of this single color stamping, I did a little more nail art with Stamped in Mustard and Stamped in Mulberry. The ring finger is a gradient with Mustard and Mulberry, stamped over with Midnight Mischief. On the middle finger, I painted a base of Midnight Mischief, and then did a gradient stamp over it with Mustard and Mulberry using the same image (EDM05) for an inverted effect.

Welp, that's it! Thanks for reading ♥

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