Painted Polish pt. 1

So, a few weeks ago, I made a largeish Painted Polish order. ...and by "order", I mean more like "three orders that all got combined and arrived yesterday" and I swatched all of them because they were all too pretty to not swatch immediately. It's a good amount of stuff, though, so I'm going to split it up into two posts; one for the holos and one for the cremes. Let's start with the four holos I grabbed: Dewdrop Dreams (HHC), Galaxy Gaze (HHC), Kissin' Kelp, and Moss Meditation.

Dewdrop Dreams (HHC)

Dewdrop Dreams, diffused lighting

Dewdrop Dreams is no longer available for purchase, but it was among the September offerings in the Hella Holo Customs Facebook group. I'd describe it as a mauvey-pink linear holo with contrasting gold/copper shimmer and holo microglitter. The formula was perfection and I almost think I could have gotten away with just one coat. This is two coats and top.

Dewdrop Dreams, direct lighting

Okay, here's the thing: I don't really like linear holos that much. Sure, I'll end up buying them from time to time, but pretty much only if they have a contrasting shimmer in them, or some other factor to up the oomph. Dewdrop Dreams has that shimmer, which is what sold me absolutely on it, but it also has a little bit of holo glitter in it on top of the plain linear holo, and that addition to the finish sends it absolutely over the top. All four of the holos I purchased have this same finish, actually! Leave it to Painted Polish to find a linear holo finish that I can fall in love with!

Galaxy Gaze (HHC)

Galaxy Gaze, diffused lighting

Galaxy Gaze is the second HHC that I purchased for September; I did not buy the third one, Blushing Blizzard, but not gonna lie, right after I placed my third order I instantly regretted not adding it on. Of course, I was three orders in and Lexi was already so gracious in combining my orders that I decided to wait and see if I can get it in the aftermarket.
I would describe Galaxy Gaze as a deep (not quite navy) blue linear holo with green shimmer and  holo microglitter. Two coats and top.

Galaxy Gaze, direct lighting

This was my second order: just Galaxy Gaze all on its own. A few minutes after I checked out with my first order, I saw a swatch of this that had me panicking and going back for it right away. NO REGRETS.

Kissin' Kelp

Kissin' Kelp, diffused lighting

I have been drooling over swatches of Kissin' Kelp for ages now, so when Painted Polish gave a discount for purchasing with HHC, I immediately added it to my cart. It is everything I thought it would be: a teal linear holo with green shimmer (that makes the whole thing look more like a straight green in some lighting) and added gold holo microglitter. Still available! Two coats and top.

Kissin' Kelp direct lighting
I don't know if it's super obvious, but I'm not really that into green polishes. However, three of the polishes I ordered (Kissin' Kelp, Moss Meditation, and Stamped in Moss, which will be in the next post) were green. Because Lexi has not only managed to make me like linear holos, she's sold me so hard on her green polishes that I just couldn't pass on them and now I'm just going to have to cherish them for all time because they're amazing.

Moss Meditation

Moss Meditation, diffused lighting

Moss Meditation is from the new Fall into Zen ultra holos collection. It's still available, and oh god is it perfect for fall. The base is a linear holo of the toned-down green variety, and the shimmer is–well, it looks like a kind of chartreuse green in some light, but I swear it's copper in my bottle right now–and the holo microglitter in it is a light gold. The combination of all that results in a green that is truly, perfectly described as mossy. Two coats and top.

Moss Meditation, direct lighting.

Midnight Mischief

Well, that's it for the ultra holos! However, I don't really feel like stopping yet, so here's one last picture. I bought Midnight Mischief because although I have plenty of black cremes, this one is often hailed as the best of them all, especially for stamping. Given that information, I just had to try stamping with it! Same with the other cremes, which will be coming up soon. Probably later today, I don't know, I need to go sleep immediately after I publish this post. Anyway, here's Midnight Mischief stamped on Kissin' Kelp to finish us off. It's basically one of the most perfect stamping polishes I've ever used. Hype validated.


  1. Beautiful stamping! I'm with you on linear holo but these look awesome!

    1. Thanks! I did a ton more stamping with the cremes, just waiting for a chance to write that post up. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a linear holo aversion, haha.

  2. Hi love your swatches, I am in love with Galaxy Gaze and Kiss in Kelp, your stamping is amazing, love the designs.