Mustard and navy indie makeup look

I wore a kind of orange-y mustard shirt today, and I kept looking at how my nails (Baroness X Anthracite!) looked against it, and I just really really wanted to pair navy and mustard on my eyes. So I did! This look didn't come out quite as well as I was picturing it, but I still want to share. I have swatches and the actual makeup look for you.


Swatches first!

These are the fun, swatchable products I used for this look. My basics aren't included. L-R: Fyrinnae Unrequited, Corvus Cosmetics Ganymede, Hello Waffle Hey! Listen!, Shiro Cosmetics DEMACIAAAH!, HW A Kind Child, HW First House in the Village, HW Like Feathers from Heaven.

Foundation was Fenty Beauty 200 (cool), which I got a sample of a while back and it had looked pretty damn close to my skin, but I think it's a bit too much on the cool side and contrasts too badly with my neck. I also have samples in 190 and 210 (both neutral), which I will probably try next time.

Concealer was Nyx CW04. For contour I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit in Light. This wasn't quite enough for me so I also added on a bit of Shiro Burn the Heart Out of You, but then I forgot to add it to my pile of products to swatch. Brows were UD Brow Box in Brown Sugar, which I think is a touch too red for me at the moment. I use Heroine Make's Kiss Me liquid liner pen, as well as their mascara. Lashes were purchased in Luxylash's recent sample sale.

Like Feathers from Heaven

Like Feathers from Heaven is a matte shadow from Hello Waffle's The Red Apple collection. My arms are a different color from my face, so it's hard to tell here, but this is a really great nude shadow for me. It's weirdly grey and green and somehow that makes it work. My undertones are weird. I used this shadow on the upper half of the space between the base of my lashes and my brows.

First House in the Village

This is a matte, mustard-y orange that matches my shirt pretty perfectly. There's a little bit of lavender shimmer, but it doesn't translate to the eye. First House in the Village was a limited edition shadow that released in the November 2015 Hello Waffle Visage box. I put this in my outer crease and to blend out my lid shades.

A Kind Child

normal primer

TWO pictures for this one!


A Kind Child is also from Hello Waffle's A Half Apple collection. It's a pale pink base with a gorgeous, bright glowy green shimmer. The pink base actually comes out more over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy when at an angle. I put this in my inner corner and the inner part of my lid, over HW Enchantment in both places.


normal primer


Another one with two pictures! DEMACIAAAH! is from Shiro's Flash Ignite collection. It's royal blue, bordering on navy, with bronzey-gold shimmer. It honestly doesn't perform that great over normal primer, but then the shimmer in it is too strong over PE, hides the base, and also ends up being a little bit patchy. In short, it's a hard shadow to work with and I recommend using it as a smokey all-over lid shade or foiling it as liner rather than doing what I did, which was put it on my outer lid (over HW Enchantment) and then blend it upwards through my crease.

Hey! Listen!

Hey! Listen! is the blush from the May 2017 Visage (it's currently still available in the shop!) and it is a delicate pink blush with a blue-purple sheen. The black specks near the top of the swatch are from Garen up above man-spreading like a jerk. It looks delightfully natural on the face and I feel no hatred toward it at all, despite its extremely annoying namesake. This is blended out over bare skin. On my face, I used it as blush.


Oh, Corvus Cosmetics Ganymede, how I love thou. This was a box exclusive from Femme Fatale's Beauty Emporium Box (which I ended up cancelling because the value on the boxes is just not high enough to be worth it to me) and I believe it isn't available elsewhere. It is so, so gorgeous, though. The shimmer in it is shifty between green and turquoise, and the base is a subtle, nearly white pink . I wore this as a face and browbone highlight.

The first swatch is blended out over bare skin; I've also got a picture of it over PE, just for shimmers.

over PE

Ugh, so pretty and silvery and delicate. And in case you were wondering, I took a comparison shot of it and A Kind Child, for compare and contrast purposes.

Corvus Ganymede on left and HW A Kind Child on right

Ganymede is smoother and the shimmer is made up of smaller particles. A Kind Child looks more metallic and almost has this "wet", glossy look.


Fyrinnae Unrequited is a perfect-for-fall burnished orange liquid lipstick with a subtle green shimmer. It looks patchy in the swatch but it wasn't so bad on my actual lips. The formula wasn't especially drying, but it definitely wasn't moisturizing, either, and I found it didn't have much staying power. To be fair, nothing has much staying power on my lips, so that's not a deal-breaker for me, especially when the lipstick is so gorgeous.

Pictures of my face!

Now that we've got all that out of the way, here's the look!

head-on and my hair out of the way

mfw I have to go to the dentist three times in two days

That's it! Were all the makeup pictures gratuitous? I hope not too much, but it turns out I'm super vain. There are a few things I wish I had done a bit better, but I think overall the look came out decently, and I got to use a few shadows that I've definitely been neglecting. I appreciate you checking out my blog, and thanks for reading!

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