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(Note: I linked to pretty much every purchasable thing I mentioned in the post for easy access, but not a single one is an affiliate link. All products purchased by me.)

After some hemming and hawing, I decided to start a blog, mostly just to post swatches and reviews of makeup, because I have a lot of it and I like talking about it.

My first order from Corvus Cosmetics came yesterday, and I was pretty impressed by it. I ordered during the release of the Westerburg Collection, and my order was packed on the last day of TAT. It arrived a day early, unscathed and wrapped in lovely tissue paper with a handwritten note tucked in and a few pieces of candy for consumption. Corvus does include free samples with every order (I believe it's one sample + another for every $25 you order), but mine were missing. I contacted the owner, Noel, and she insisted on including them in my next order.

In this order, I got samples of the full Kinder-und Hausmärchen Collection as well as samples of Erato and Urania from the Mouseia Collection and BS with a Body Count from the new Westerburg Collection. I also bought full sizes of two CotMs, Berenice (no longer available) and Kaelpie, plus one of the pocket mirrors featuring the label art from Thalia.

The full order minus mirror

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Mirror! Isn't she so pretty?


Pictures taken in natural light except where noted. Over bare skin, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and Too Faced Glitter Glue and applied by pat-swiping with a MAC 239.

Full arm

L-R: He Was No Frog, Goodbye Hans, Golden Slipper, The Thirteenth Gift, Let Down Your Hair, The Devil Told You That

L-R: Barely a Bite, The Summer Garden, Gingerbread Haus, Death at His Feet, The Better to Eat You With, Nightingale

L-R: Kaelpie, Berenice, Erato, Three Ravens, Bluebeard, Urania, BS with a Body Count


L-R: He Was No Frog, Goodbye Hans, Golden Slipper
Top to Bottom: Bare Skin, TFSI, TFGG

He Was No Frog is described by Corvus as "a pastel blue-green with a gold shift". I would probably call it a pastel mint with gold shimmer.

Goodbye Hans is described as "a bright orange with gold shimmer". This is pretty accurate, although I found the gold shimmer to be pretty subtle.

Golden Slipper is described as "a champagne gold with a slight shimmer". It also leans rose-y at certain angles. This shade is pretty similar in depth to my skin color, which makes it harder to see in pictures.

At the top of the pictures, you can see that the all shadows perform surprisingly well without primer, but become much more opaque with it-- I'm very impressed.

L-R: The Thirteenth Gift, Let Down Your Hair, The Devil Told You That

The Thirteenth Gift is described as "a coral pink with a gold shift". It's for sure one of my favorite colors.

Let Down Your Hair is described as "a soft nude-pink with lots of shimmer". This is a pastel pink on me, very soft and romantic, bit lighter than my skintone.

The Devil Told You That is described as "a soft white highlight shade with a gold sheen". The gold is pretty subtle, but it's more apparent in real life than it is in these pictures. It's also a very opaque white, probably one of the best in my collection. I found it not to be chalky

Again, the colors perform well on bare skin, but are more opaque over a normal primer, while glitter glue really brings out the shine. The Devil Told You That, in particular, does very well over bare skin.

The next few photos were taken in natural lighting, but the sun started hiding a little, so some of the pictures are lit strangely because I used a desk lamp with a 4100K lightbulb to try to add more light to one side and perhaps show off the shifts better.

L-R: Barely a Bite, The Summer Garden, Gingerbread Haus

L-R: The Summer Garden, Gingerbread Haus, Death at His Feet

Barely a Bite is described as "an apple red with a poisonous green shift". This shadow is amazing. It's a little remniscent of Femme Fatale Candied Apple, but Candied Apple has more of a muted, dusty rose base and Barely a Bite is more red/orange. .

The Summer Garden is described as "a midtoned rosy purple". I think it's on the raspberry side of red/purple, with a satin finish and a touch of shimmer.

Gingerbread Haus is described as "a matte tan with a complex indigo-purple-red shift". The base color is pretty similar to what I think of gingerbread as being, kind of an orange-brown. I don't know if I read indigo from the shift, but there are some visible particles that definitely spark purple. It's a very interesting color to look at but the sparks don't quite stick to skin without glitter glue.

L-R: Gingerbread Haus, Death at His Feet, The Better to Eat You With, Nightingale

Death At His Feet is described as "a dark chocolate brown with a satin finish". This is accurate. It leans on the matte side of satin until glitter glue brings out the shimmer.

The Better To Eat You With is described as "an antique silver with deep brown undertones". I find this color to be pretty interesting. It's definitely neutral, but it's not quite silver and it's not quite brown. I could see it as an all-over lid color for a smokey eye. Looks great over normal primer.

Nightingale is described as "a mid-toned aubergine with subtle shimmer". This shadow is a very rich purple-- it looks most accurate in the top two pictures. Performs very well over normal primer, but isn't as shimmery without glitter glue.

Kaelpie, Berenice, Erato

Kaelpie is described as "a murky gray with a strong turquoise shift". I've seen some swatches that make the base look almost brown, but gray is accurate. The shift is more of a green to me, though.

Berenice is described as "a matte dark brown-red, the color of dried blood, with a slight sparkle, like Berenice's teeth". This really does look like the color of dried blood, much more so than I was expecting. The sparkle isn't especially apparent. It shows up pretty well over bare skin, but looks lighter and more muted.

Erato is described as "a dark, shimmery, metallic burgundy with a soft coppery sheen". Erato is beautiful and I love it. It's a tiny bit redder in real life than it appears in these pictures.

This was my last set of swatches and you may have noticed that I lost the ability to tape straight and color between the lines.

L-R: Three Ravens, Bluebeard, Urania, BS With a Body Count

Three Ravens is described as "a satiny black with strong blue undertones". This is the kind of color that I would think of as a near-black blue. It looks black until you angle your hand and notice the subtle blue shimmer.

Bluebeard is described as "a velvety navy blue". Not quite navy, more of a true blue with some shimmer, but very velvety and rich. It's the blue version of Nightingale to me, but more shimmery.

Urania is described as "a near-black navy base with a strong blue and turquoise shimmer, with gold and silver sparks". I didn't find this to be quite as dark as described, and it's one of the colors in this collection that I would probably only use foiled or over glitter glue. It is, however, definitely reminiscent of the night sky, with its gold and silver sparks.

BS With a Body Count is described as "a gray toned blue-purple with a strong green shift". This is the only color I purchased from the new collection, and it was worth it. The shift is strong over normal primer as well as a sticky base, and I love the blurple base.

That's it! I am such a fan of this formula. When I did preliminary finger swatches, I couldn't believe how well they did over bare skin, and almost all of them look beautiful over primer without a sticky base. He Was No Frog and The Thirteenth Gift are also set to get reformulations to improve performance.

Corvus carries a good range of eyeshadow colors, and they will be releasing a new collection based on mermaids in June, as well as a mini collection of rose-gold satins, which I am very excited for.

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