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Bee's Knees Lacquer—Random stuff I bought I guess?

Femme Fatale November 2020 Pt. 2—White Witch Vol. 2 and other new releases

Disclaimer: I received these polishes in exchange for swatch pictures. Opinions are my own.

Today, we're taking a look at the completely new polishes available for preorder from Femme Fatale Cosmetics in November 2020. That means three new polishes for the White Witch collection, inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, and two "of the Month" polishes. I don't have a whole lot to say that I haven't already said in Part 1, so we can jump right into it!

Femme Fatale November 2020 Release pt. 1—White Witch Rerelease

Disclaimer: I received these polishes in exchange for swatch pictures. Opinions are my own.

Well. It has been a wild few months in my life, although I suppose that doesn't really account for the hiatus of the past 2 years, and the entire rest of the year has been pretty wild as well. NO MATTER. I'm back, I'm excited, and I have some swatches to share with you!

Blush Lacquers Sea Water Shimmers Part 2

Update 10/13/2020: It's been almost two years since I last posted here, and I rarely wear polish anymore. But I still sometimes follow the community, although I'm a few days late seeing the recent news related to Blush Lacquer. I cannot in good conscience recommend supporting their brand anymore—although I'm sure it's obvious by these posts that I truly did love their work, there are just as many brands out there who don't have problematic views. For more context, you can check out @beautybattalion's instagram highlights titled "Please read". 

Disclaimer: All polishes in this post purchased by me.

Great news (for me), I was relatively good over Black Friday! There are SO many things that I did NOT buy. Kind of. I have to admit that I maybe was a little guilty of making maybe a few large purchases, like a macro lens for my DSLR (a Real™ macro lens! I can take Real™ macros now!), a new laptop to blog and edit pictures on (and so I can keep my polish mess out of sight), and even a Fitbit (evidently, I make Black Friday resolutions the same way other people make New Year's resolutions). Oh, and I also bought the entire Blush Lacquers Sea Water Shimmers Part 2 collections. Technically that was a PRE-Black Friday sale, so if you insist on asking, that's my defense.

Anyway, those Blush polishes are the entire point of this post, so we'd better get to it!

Dance Legend Celia—and Psyche's Beau Giveaway!

Disclaimer: polish received in exchange for review. Giveaway sponsored by Psyche's Beau.

Well, hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely weekend! I've been pretty absent from blogging and swatching for the past few months, courtesy of my move. Fun fact that I learned over the past few months? I suuuuuuuuck at moving. So bad. So much unpacking. So much. But I have good news for my blogging future: my new studio is finally all set up and ready to go! No more swimming in boxes and feeling cramped and claustrophobic just to take pictures! And to commemorate this momentous occasion, I also have a small giveaway attached to this post for a $20 gift certificate to Psyche's Beau!

...Well, okay, so it's not actually for me; it's to celebrate Psyche's Beau's anniversary. That's right, this up-and-coming stockist is officially a year old, and they're having a whole spate of giveaways to celebrate. Read on to see how to win!