Femme Fatale—January/Valentine's 2021 Lovers in the Snow Collection

 Disclaimer: I received the following polishes in exchange for swatch pictures. Reviews are my own.

Today's post is on Femme Fatale's January release, their Valentine's Day collection based on a ukiyo-e print created by Suzuki Harunobu in the 1700s titled Lovers Walking in the Snow. Much like last month's FF collection, this was originally meant to be a trio, but evolved into a full collection, and a beautiful, cohesive one close to the inspiration at that! If you're interested in more information about the inspiration artwork, the Met has a description here.

I'm a bit late with this post, and the preorder has already been open for a few days, but perhaps it's better to say that I'm not too late, because these polishes are still available from the FF home site for another few days.

I should get on with it, so in alphabetical order, here is the Lovers in the Snow collection!

Aiai Gasa

First up is Aiai Gasa ($13 AUD), what I would describe as a sparkly orange to gold multichrome with holo. The finish is not as "chrome" as a true multichrome, but is instead, as I said, a bit more sparkly, and kind of foiled. This was a hard one for me to capture perfectly, as in person it's got a really unique finish and shifts through every autumn color I can think of, but some of those shifts were hard to convince my camera to see. There's especially a pink shimmer that comes out when the light hits it directly that you can definitely see in person but that my camera had trouble picking up. This is a polish that will be truly spectacular in sunlight, which unfortunately I'm not really blessed with in winter in Seattle. 

FF's description reads:

A burnt orange foil type of finish that shifts to copper and gold at angle to the light. Opaque in 2-3 coats with top coat recommended.

My swatches show 4 coats (I had a bit of smudging; 2 or 3 should be fine) with top coat over liquid latex.


Next is Crow ($13.50 AUD), a black jelly with silver flecks and a bit of holo for added sparkle. The application was very smooth and the base was quite opaque, as I only needed 2 coats for full opacity even though it's a jelly.

From FF:

A smooth black jelly base with small platinum silver flakes and superfine holographic silver flakes. Opaque in 2-3 coats with top coat recommended. 


Heron ($13 AUD), while a perfect representation of the "heron", is also in my opinion spot-on for a cookies-and-cream polish. The base is an off-white cream that comes out a bit greyish the way it's mixed with black flecks. At an angle to the light, you'll find that the black flecks aren't actually black, but rather are hiding a little metallic iridescence of purple and blue. However, the main impression is definitely that of cookies and cream.


A luscious yellow-toned cream with deep grey microflakes that give a hint of purple at the light. Opaque in 3 coats and top coat recommended.

Application was very smooth, and I only needed 2 coats for opacity. Pictured with top coat.


This next polish, Michiyuki ($14 AUD), is my favorite of the collection. The name inspiration is a bit dark, so content warning if you decide to look it up, and the polish is one of those "prugly" colors. The base is a muted, greenish mustard crelly, and it is filled with beautiful, glowing red-gold-green shifting flakies. The murky crelly base combines with the flakies to create a very glowy, incandescent "lit-from-within" effect that I just find irresistible.

FF described it as:

A slightly yellow tinted, soft brown crelly base packed with red-green iridescent flakes. Opaque in 3 coats and top coat recommended. 

I needed all 3 coats; one finger has 4 instead because I smudged it, but I'm not really sure which finger it was anymore.

Pink Silk

I'm not sure if you've handled silk before, but I think Pink Silk ($14 AUD) embodies it quite well. The shifty shimmer in it is smooth yet sparkly, and the base is soft, sheer, and somehow gentle. This shade never quite built up to opacity for me, I always had a bit of VNL, but it's harder to see under bright lighting because of how the shimmer takes over. Due to this, I have it pictured in 3 coats, as well as 2 coats over a sheer white base. You can see that it looks even more ethereal and takes on a bluer tint when over the sheer white base.

This is one I would probably recommend undies for if you can't stand VNL. I personally find that quality of it a bit charming, so this is one of my favorites in the collection.


A sheer, silken pink base that gives way to a strong red-orange-yellow-green unicorn pigment. Opaque in 3-4 coats and top coat recommended.

Quiet Beauty

Quiet Beauty ($13 AUD) is a full glitterbomb, one that can be used as both a topper as well as built to opacity on its own. I'll start with Femme Fatale's description of this one first:

A clear based, antique silver microglitter topper, with a soft linear holographic accent. This one should be sponged on for full opacity or can be layered in 3 coats. Top coat definitely recommended as this will dry textured.

This description is basically accurate. The antique silver does also come off as a soft champagne gold at times, and especially when next to my skintone, which is a fun study in color theory and the truth that context is everything when it comes to how humans interpret colors. You can see that even in these pictures, the glitter looks a little more copper in some places and a little more gold in others, just based on how it's hitting the light. The holo is a bit hard to see when you layer it over itself, but it comes out really beautifully when used as a topper. 

I did not need to sponge it on for opacity, and instead painted it on in 3 coats; I would definitely recommend a glitter grabber in addition to top coat if you prefer a smooth finish.  

I also tried it over a few different undies as a topper.

My favorite is the sheer pink!


The aged paper used as canvas for the piece of art that this collection is inspired by is beautifully represented by the base of Snowscape ($12.50 AUD), and the white glitter evokes soft flakes of snow gently descending on its surface. This is a polish that I think is a bit out of Femme Fatale's comfort zone, but it ties the entire collection together as the canvas.


A creamy yellow-toned ivory base with assorted white glitter hexes within. Opaque in 3 coats and top coat recommended.

Pictured is 3 coats and top coat. It dried smooth enough that even with the hex glitter in it, I don't think you'd need a glitter grabber.

Tender Affection 

The final polish in the collection is Tender Affection ($13 AUD), another glitterbomb, this time in holo pink. I find the finish of this one to be more similar to A High & Lonely Destiny from a few months back than to Quiet Beauty, but that's probably just because of how in-your-face the holo is. It's a bright and intense holographic pink microglitter that I actually only needed 2 coats of to build up to opacity. The holo is, of course, intense, but my favorite part is actually the rose-golden sheen that you can see at certain angles when the holo isn't overpowering. You'll definitely want a glitter grabber for this one.


Another glistening glitter in a clear base; this time a rose pink holographic microglitter with micro rose-gold flakes and holographic pigment. This one should be sponged on for full opacity or can be layered in 3 coats. Top coat definitely recommended as this will dry textured.

Alright, to finish off the details about the release, this collection is available direct from Femme Fatale over the preorder period starting January 4th 2021, and ending on Jan 8th, 2021 at 9 PM AEST. Do note that since Femme Fatale is based in Australia, that ends up being 3 AM Pacific on Jan 8th, so basically the night of the 7th. I provided the individual prices already, but if you preorder the entire collection, it'll be $96.40 AUD, which is a 10% discount. Femme Fatale will also be having a reopening sale on that last day, starting Jan 8th, 9 AM AEST, meaning that if there's anything else you might want to pick up from their store, you've got a 12 hour window where the sale and the preorder overlap.

Whew. Finished! Can I just say, I have been in such a demotivated state lately. I don't want to do anything really, so I'm just so relieved and glad to have finally finished writing this up. I've been putting it off for a while—I've actually been sitting on these swatches for over a month now, I had them done in November— and it has been a struggle. It's like, the new year is nice, but it's also an end to the holiday season where you're supposed to be taking a bit of a vacation, but I just want to hold on to having some time off! Plus my birthday is in January, and I'm finally old enough to be feeling a bit stressed by the never-ending passage of time. I hope those of you reading aren't feeling the same way, because it really should be a time for cheerful new beginnings. Happy new year, everyone!

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