Femme Fatale—Dec. 2020 Tinsel Collection

 Disclaimer: I received the following polishes in exchange for swatch pictures. Reviews are my own.

For December 2020, Femme Fatale is releasing a new collection based on the beautiful decorations that adorn Christmas trees and wreaths. It's a lot of soft, iridescent shimmers with sheer base colors, which all glow and fascinate your eyes and frustrate you when the camera can't quite capture all of their essence. This inspiration is a personal one for Sophie, who has been tracking down vintage decorations for her current Christmas tree to resemble those of her childhood. Look out for more of these in the future—while this first installment is releasing in December and the overall inspiration is related to Christmas, there will be more coming next year and not necessarily just during the holiday season.

I had a lot of pictures that I liked from this set, so forgive me for not sorting through them more. Here are my swatches of the Tinsel Collection!


This first set of swatches is of Ornate ($14.00 AUD), a warm, rusty orange filled with a strong, shifty golden-green shimmer. I have it in 3 coats and top in these pictures; most of the polishes in this collection are quite sheer, but I found that they still built up to opacity pretty quickly because of the strong shimmer.

Femme Fatale's description reads:

A sheer copper base with strong olive golden shimmers that shift to teal then pink at angle to the light. 3 coats, and top coat recommended.



Next up is Lambent ($14.00 AUD), which happens to be a word that I did not know the meaning of until literally this moment when I looked it up—it's a primarily literary adjective meaning "glowing, flickering, radiant", or something along those lines. This polish embodies that quite well, in my opinion, although perhaps all the polishes in this collection do! It's a red-leaning orange with a shimmer that is primarily pink, but shifts to gold. I have it pictured in 3 coats with top, although my notes say that I thought it looked about the same at 2, and I could see a little bit of visible nail line. 

Femme Fatale described it as:

An orange coral base with strong pink to red to gold sheen that shifts at angle to the light. 3 coats, and top coat recommended.



Bauble ($14.00 AUD) is the one shade in this collection that I would describe as a multichrome. The base is hardly visible, so most of what you see is this bright metallic shimmer that shifts between pink, copper, gold, green and every color in between. I have it pictured here in 3 coats and top, but I did write some more notes on it that unfortunately were terribly blurred by acetone. I'm guessing that I thought 2 coats would probably be enough for most people, especially if you're more generous with the thickness of your coats than I am, but apparently there was something to watch out for with 3. ...I apologize for how incredibly ominous that sounds. It's probably not an elder god or anything to worry about.

Anyway, FF called it:

A murky grey-blue sheer base that is quickly overcome by a stunning pink-copper-green shifting multichrome. 3 coats, and top coat recommended.


This next polish is one of my favorites of the collection! Nacreous ($14.00 AUD) really lives up to its pearly namesake! It's a very sheer, light, pinky-purple loaded with a shifty (but mostly) green shimmer. The whole polish just glows, I swear! My husband saw it on me and told me he thought it was a "very KDA" color, and that my swatches were "very K-pop", whatever that all means, but I think it's a good thing. Highly recommend grabbing this one if you can only get one, given that you love iridescence as much as I do. It's not quite iridescent, but it has the same feeling, if you know what I mean, and is very wearable.

I have it pictured with 3 coats and top; I still saw some VNL in person and I honestly really liked it that way, however, FF did recommend using 4 coats. I think if VNL bothers you, I'd recommend using a nude undie or a milky basecoat. 


A sheer wisteria purple base, that is slightly pink toned, and has a strong luminous green-blue-pink shifting sheen over the top. 4 coats, and top coat recommended.


Lucent ($14.00 AUD) is another favorite of mine, which was probably predictable because I'm not exactly subtle about my love for blues and purples. This one has a periwinkle (to my eye) base with predominantly gold shimmer. I'm not sure if it's a purple-leaning blue or a very blue purple—it's kind of right there in between the two. It makes for a lovely, bright, non-traditional holiday shade. I only needed 2 coats and top; I think if you stare hard enough you can make out some VNL but I didn't really feel like I needed that third coat.


A light purple base with a strong gold-lime-teal sheen that shifts at angle to the light. 3 coats, and top coat recommended.



Glisten ($14.00 AUD) is just SO blue. It is very close to the color I am thinking of when I think of "blue". Maybe a lighter cobalt is the best way to describe it? In any case, just like all the other lovely polishes in this collection, it features a shimmer, this time predominantly pink. Something about this one makes my nails look as if they were photoshopped on, even though it's still the same natural nails and the color came out perfectly to my eye, so no corrections or anything! Pictured in 2-3 coats with top.


A sheer, true "clear summer sky" blue, with pink-gold-green shimmers that shift at angle to the light. 3 coats, and top coat recommended.



We are nearing the end, with just two more polishes to go! Sequin ($14.00 AUD) has a deeper blue base with mainly purple/pink shimmer. Luckily the acetone didn't make it quite so far down the page, because I can actually read my notes on this one! I called it very shifty (well, obviously) and noted that I was having a very hard time capturing the main shift on camera. I found the secondary silver shift liked to come out through the camera, but it very much looks PINK in real life when you look at the nail straight on. This is probably why I have a few extra pictures just trying to catch that, but I'm not sure I managed to. I have it in 3 coats plus top.


A deep ocean teal with lilac-silver-green shimmers that shift at angle to the light. 3 coats, and top coat recommended.


Frosted ($14.00 AUD) was a stunner right out of the box! I don't know how to explain how bright and pure it is. I don't even know what the word pure even means in this situation, I just know that's what I think when I see it! This is definitely another of my top picks in this collection. I don't even care that there are some visible brushstrokes as Femme Fatale warned me; I found them to be more obvious on camera than in person, but there are of course ways to minimize them if they bother you.

This is a bright greenish sky blue (I'd call it aqua, but that almost seems TOO green, but it isn't just blue) with shifty green shimmer. Unlike some of the other shades, where the shimmer contrasts with the base, the shimmer in this one kind of amplifies it. The overall effect is kind of an intense lit-from-within, glowy feeling. It isn't delicate about it, like Nacreous or Lucent, but it wields that shimmer brightly. Anyway, I have it pictured in 3 coats and top, with a note that 2 coats seemed okay to me as well. However, Femme Fatale does recommend 4, so perhaps you would need more than me.


A sheer frosty pale blue with a green-blue-purple shifting sheen. 4 coats, and top coat recommended.


That's all of it! The full set retails for $104 AUD altogether, which is a discount from the $112 AUD it would be if you were to purchase them all separately. They will be available for one presale at the usual time, December 1st–5th, 2020 in Australia, which comes out to November 30th–December 4th stateside—as in around the time that I am publishing this post!

Now that I've managed to throw all the pertinent details at you, I'm off to resume my lazy life of playing Assassin's Creed and nomming Thanksgiving leftovers. Let me know in the comments which polish you like the most, or which you're planning to pick up! 

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