Bee's Knees Lacquer—Random stuff I bought I guess?

Hi there! Today's post is just a quick aggregate of swatches of the Bee's Knees polishes that I've bought recently. Most are from the newest collection, Lovecraft Country, and I think they're probably all still available for purchase. I suppose the responsible thing would be to check that now before I make any claims, but we're just going to push on without confirmation, okay?


First up is Kumiho. This is a blood-red jelly with green-to-blue UP sister pigment. The green sparkle is really quite prominent and gives it this weird, kind of poisonous feeling—in a good way, of course! Shown is 3 coats over Anchor & Heart Mermaid Tears base coat and with their top coat as well. I found it to be a brighter red with only two coats, and the third coat added more of a burgundy tone, which is why I find "blood-red" to be an apt descriptor. Real blood is, after all, not quite transparent, much like this polish (file that under fun facts my Biology professor made sure to emphasize during lab!).

So, confession, I know literally nothing about Lovecraft Country, although I did just now Google it and learn that it's an HBO show, which pretty much explains my complete lack of knowledge. I really don't watch TV—I barely watch videos online. Actually, most of the time, my closest contact to videos is listening to them behind me as my husband binges YouTube/Twitch/Netflix/Reddit/whatever. So yeah, I'm generally very behind on pop culture.

However, I DO know what a kumiho is, courtesy of League of Legends and Ahri! So when I look at this polish, it evokes the idea of a seductive fox-girl with mouth and stiletto nails stained red from the liver freshly dug out of her victim. Good shit.

Cthulu Rising

Cthulu Rising is a khaki—olive—okay, I don't know, but some kind of medium-light muted green—jelly base loaded with classic OG UP shimmer. It's simple, it's very flattering on me, and I really hope it doesn't call forth any errant elder gods.

My swatch is 3 coats over a clear liquid latex base, with A&H top coat. 


For some reason, the official description of Metamorphosis stuck in my head better than the rest—I remember distinctly the words "tawny" and "pumpkin", and the sister UP in it is gold-to-green. On me, instead of orange, this polish is almost straight pink. Definitely a peach-leaning, super-warm-with-a-touch-of-orange-so-you-could-wear-it-as-a-neutral pink, but pink nonetheless.

Shown in 3 coats over a liquid latex base with the same top coat as before. Also I forgot to take a real macro, so I've just added a very zoomed in crop of one of the other two pictures.

The Asteri

This polish is not from the most recent collection, so I have no idea what it's inspired by, as it's not on the listing (edit: so, it definitely is on the bottle, which I realized long after originally writing this, but unfortunately not while I was able to edit the post, and now the bottle is too far and you can't make me!) and I apparently just have completely different fandom interests from the proprietors of BKL. That's okay, though, still pretty! The Asteri is a crazy shifty pastel multichrome sort of polish. It glows. This is 3 coats over liquid latex and with top coat. The glowiness was too fun to photograph, so I've got a pretty decent amount of pictures here.  

I was pretty much not paying attention to or buying polish when pastel multichromes came out and started spreading on the market, so not only am I quite pleased I picked this one up, but I haven't got too many similar things in my own collection yet. It's definitely in that family of dainty, delicate polishes that I can't help but treasure.

Pop Pop

The other four polishes I bought directly from Bee's Knees, but this one is a lot older (see: different bottle shape) and I purchased it from Color4Nails. There's an old Masura that I've had on my wish list for *forever*; I actually don't remember the name, but it's like a muted light purple base with gold/copper magnetic pigment. I bought this BKL because as I was idly browsing to meet the free shipping threshold, the swatch picture on the site reminded me a lot of that Masura—however, it's quite different in reality. Also, let me just take a moment to express my utter frustration and impatience with the general process of magnetic polish—I truly love the look so I keep buying them, but holding a magnet while waiting for polish to dry is about as far from my ideal of a good time as it gets.

Anyway, Pop Pop comes out on me looking spot on for a tiger's eye gemstone. The base looks a luxurious deep brown and the magnetic band is quite like the golden striations of the polished mineral, especially when you move it around in the light. I think the base is really that mauvey purple from the swatch pictures, but it's loaded with UP so if you do more than one coat, the shimmer just affects the base color too much and you lose the purple tone, especially against my skintone. I found it to be a mauvey purple when I painted the first coat, but I really needed at least a second coat to level it out properly. I still like the polish a lot, and I think it is fascinating to photograph, but I was honestly a bit disappointed—although it's really my fault for not looking up more swatches before purchasing.

Also, I know the polish is inspired by It, but every time I see "Pop Pop!" I just think "Magnitude from Community".

Pictured is 3 coats over Mermaid Tears, with top coat, and yes, there's a whole ton of pictures because why not?

There we go, all done! I actually have a whole bunch of older Bee's Knees Lacquers chilling in my pile of "things I bought right before I gave up on polish for 2 years", so I think I might swatch them at some point before I attempt the herculean task of putting everything away. For next time, though, I went through some of my huge stash of old Femme Fatales so please look forward to a bunch of polishes that have been unavailable for years!

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