Dance Legend Celia—and Psyche's Beau Giveaway!

Disclaimer: polish received in exchange for review. Giveaway sponsored by Psyche's Beau.

Well, hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely weekend! I've been pretty absent from blogging and swatching for the past few months, courtesy of my move. Fun fact that I learned over the past few months? I suuuuuuuuck at moving. So bad. So much unpacking. So much. But I have good news for my blogging future: my new studio is finally all set up and ready to go! No more swimming in boxes and feeling cramped and claustrophobic just to take pictures! And to commemorate this momentous occasion, I also have a small giveaway attached to this post for a $20 gift certificate to Psyche's Beau!

...Well, okay, so it's not actually for me; it's to celebrate Psyche's Beau's anniversary. That's right, this up-and-coming stockist is officially a year old, and they're having a whole spate of giveaways to celebrate. Read on to see how to win!