Ms. Sparkle: The Angry Coffee Shop

Disclaimer: I was sent these polishes in exchange for swatches.

Hello friends! I have been very unfortunately busy these past few weeks, between buying a new house and trying to move to the new house and being told by Wave Broadband for 4 weeks straight that they'll hook up the house for internet access "next week" without actually getting perceptibly closer to having internet and now jury duty today (apparently that's just something I have to do every year now, so that's cool), I kind of just want to crawl back into bed and maybe eat some cookies. You know, sometimes life just leaves you really, really, really cranky.

So maybe I'm just here to complain a little, but (and watch this seamless segue) Ms. Sparkle Polish has brought to us a lovable small polish collection based on the essence of complaints from the decidedly less lovable parts of life. The Angry Coffee Shop collection, with delightful names based on bits of this old tumblr repost, is coming soon to a Ms. Sparkle or Beautometry near you!

My Inlaws are in Town

My Inlaws are in Town is a sheer white glitter crelly. The glitter mix is pretty varied, but it includes a mix of metallic, holo, and solid color glitters in hex, round, and squares, with a color scheme that tends to the pink/gold/brown range. I needed 3-4 coats for opacity and I had to do a little bit of fishing to get the larger circular glitters on the brush. It dried a bit on the bumpy side, so I'd recommend a layer of Gelous to smooth it out. I did not use a layer of Gelous, but just one of top coat. The end result is a whimsical effect that has me in mind of a sweet treat!

Can I Get a F@#k You?

The second glitter crelly in the collection, Can I Get a F@#k You? has a more opaque purple-ish taupe base and a brighter, more colorful glitter mix (blues, pinks, and green), as well as a touch of holo and a subtle but visible iridescent shimmer that tends green. The base tends to look very different in different lighting. I noticed it looking pinker or greyer at various times, to the point where I wasn't really sure what color I thought it was. It was almost opaque in 1 coat; this is 2 and top coat plus Gelous, as it also dried a little on the bumpy side.

I'm Studying For My Finals

I'm Studying For My Finals is a coffee brown holo with a delicate shifting red shimmer. The combination of the shimmer and holo makes for a lovely complex effect. I think this will be a perfect polish for fall! I think it looks a lot warmer and lighter in the bottle than it actually does on my hands, so it's probably another one that'll look pretty different between different skintones and lighting situations.

It's almost a one coater, and it's shiny enough on its own that I don't think you necessarily need top coat. I still did two coats and top.

I'm Not a Morning Person

I'm Not a Morning Person is a fiery purple to red to orange multichrome with scattered holo dust. It dries to a satin, almost matte, finish, and needs 2-3 coats for opacity. I also used a top coat for that shiny, shiny finish.

Usually I'm not the hugest fan of that purple/pink multichrome shift, but I love it here. It's a glorious sunset (definitely not a sunrise, cuz you know. Not a morning person.) in a bottle. On the nails, it's always shifting, but the shift is strangely subtle. I know that sounds weird, as if I'm saying that it isn't shifty, but yes, it IS shifty as heck, it just makes all the steps between purple and orange seem like they're not really happening, but, well, you do still go from purple to orange.

Well, that is that for this collection. Watch out for the release from Ms. Sparkle on Etsy, or, for those of you in the US, Beautometry and Shiro! In the meantime, I'm going to go back to sitting quietly while I wait to find out if they're going to call my name or not today. Yay civic duty!

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