Ms. Sparkle: The Angry Coffee Shop

Disclaimer: I was sent these polishes in exchange for swatches.

Hello friends! I have been very unfortunately busy these past few weeks, between buying a new house and trying to move to the new house and being told by Wave Broadband for 4 weeks straight that they'll hook up the house for internet access "next week" without actually getting perceptibly closer to having internet and now jury duty today (apparently that's just something I have to do every year now, so that's cool), I kind of just want to crawl back into bed and maybe eat some cookies. You know, sometimes life just leaves you really, really, really cranky.

So maybe I'm just here to complain a little, but (and watch this seamless segue) Ms. Sparkle Polish has brought to us a lovable small polish collection based on the essence of complaints from the decidedly less lovable parts of life. The Angry Coffee Shop collection, with delightful names based on bits of this old tumblr repost, is coming soon to a Ms. Sparkle or Beautometry near you!

A little taste of Fyrinnae

Disclaimer: All of these shadows were purchased my me or a friend.

Hey y'all! My weekend's been a busy one, but it's apparently convinced me to be a bit more industrial than usual. I've just got a short little post for you tonight; it's gonna be some quick mermaid swatches of three shadows from Fyrinnae Cosmetics. Take a look!

Mephisto, Bawdy Librarian, and Incubus

I figured I'd color in a stencil so it looked like an actual mermaid, since I randomly managed to pick colors that would be suitable. More useful swatches after the jump!

Shiro Cosmetics: Multistick advance release

Disclaimer: Purchased by me. No affiliate links.

Okay, we're back! I wanted to bake some cookies for a social event tomorrow, and let's just say it's been a really long time since I baked any cookies. It's uh, a bit of a mess. I've also managed to consume too much chocolate for the rest of the month, and the cookies aren't even done baking yet. Whew.

So let's just get right to it!

Multisticks! This is an upcoming Shiro product that's been released for, as they put it, "peer review". This is a preview of a product still in development, so there are still some kinks to be ironed out. It's meant to be a multi-use product that works well on both cheeks and lips. Most are pretty sheer, so I can see how you could use them as a light tint for either. Review and swatches after the jump!

Shiro Cosmetics 8th Anniversary Sale: Eyeshadows

Disclaimer: Everything in this post was purchased by me! No affiliate links.

Part 2 here

It's Friday again! This week, one of Shiro Cosmetics' two annual big sales is happening, so I swooped up some makeup. A lot of makeup. More makeup than I really should have swooped up, really. It works out for you, though, because I purchased the night the sale started, and through a fortune of geography, managed to get my *two* orders before the sale is over. That's right, folks, everything in this post is still 20% off from Shiro until Sunday!

So, the two main parts of my purchase were the new(er) Spring Sprung! collection and the brand new Multisticks. I'm going to post both today, but split it up into two posts for easier navigation. This first part will be the eyeshadows. It will include the full Spring Sprung! collection as well as three other shadows: Mermaid You Look, Sunshower, and the free gift with purchase Celebr-eight Good Times. Click through for the swatches!