i love blush.

Disclaimer: the i love blush. collection was sent to me in exchange for swatches and a review.

Hi friends! On this bright (okay, overcast) Easter Fool's Day, I have swatches of a set of pretty pastel pink polishes up for perusal. Painted Polish's upcoming collection, "i love blush.", will be releasing on Tuesday, April 3rd at 6pm Pacific, and Lexi was kind enough to send it to me to show you!

This is a 5-piece collection, all blush pink, with different finishes. As is par for the course with Painted Polish, each and every polish applies perfectly smoothly and they all go together really well for nail art. If you're a fan of sparkly, delicate pink, then this is the collection for you!

Blush Babe

First up is Blush Babe ($12). Painted Polish describes this as "a nude leaning blush ultra holo with added silver holographic glitters for that extra sparkle!" It's definitely on the peachier/warmer side of blush pink. Blush Babe is a member of their ridiculously blingy ultra holo formula, which I love, even as someone who isn't usually the hugest fan of linear holos. The extra holographic glitters add a bit of scatter to the flame and the overall effect is just glorious. I needed two coats for full opacity; pictured is three with top coat. This is marked as limited edition, so I would pick it up as soon as you can!

Ruffles & Romance

Next is Ruffles & Romance ($12), probably my pick for favorite in the collection. It's "a creamy light blush subtle holo with silver holographic glitters and a reflective copper shimmer!" To my eye, the copper shimmer is a little bit shifty and I believe it's the ever popular aurora pigment. The glitters add the perfect accent notes without making it difficult to remove. This is a new finish to Painted Polish, and it is so delicate! Despite being such a light color, the formula is so easy to work with: not streaky at all, albeit a bit sheer. Shown is three coats and top coat.

From a distance, Ruffles & Romance looks a bit similar to the next polish in the post, Blushing Ballerina, but there are a few differences. R&R is slightly cooler and the glitter is sparser. Blushing Ballerina does not have shimmer in it, but the nude microglitter gives it a similar effect at some angles, but it looks more like a speckle than a shimmer.

Blushing Ballerina

Blushing Ballerina ($11) "features a nude holo microglitter mix in a light blush base". It's the blush pink counterpart to Tickled in Taupe from the last Painted Polish collection! Much like that polish, it dries to a rougher finish but is easily smoothed out with one coat of top coat. This is a sparklebomb! I would also guess that it's the perfect nude-with-a-twist for those of you with cooler undertones than me. It's delicate and neutral without being boring. Shown is three coats and top.

Rose Quartz Revival

Rose Quartz Revival ($11) "features gold, copper, and bronze color-shifting flakies plus gold holographic glitters in a light blush base". This is your quintessential Painted Polish crelly! It's a sweet flakie crelly that puts me in mind of vintage roses. It dries to a smooth finish (although shown is with top coat), and I only needed two coats for opacity. This is the second polish in the collection that is marked LE.

Stamped in Blush

If you have been looking for a pink stamping polish that looks 100% the same over black as it does white, this is your answer. If you've been craving a one coat blush pink polish that won't leave you frustrated with bald spots and streaks, here it is. I can't help but sing praises of Painted Polish's stamping cremes! Stamped in Blush ($10) is actually just perfect. I have proof. One coat and top coat.


To close out the post, I also did a little bit of nail art, because this collection is too inspiring not to!

For this first look, I have Stamped in Blush as the base for the index finger, Painted Polish Deux 2.0 as the base for the middle, as well as stamped over the other three fingers. The base for the ring finger is Blushing Ballerina, and the base for the pinky is Blush Babe. I also stamped with Blush Babe over the middle finger, which left a subtle sparkle.

Next, I was thinking of those vintage roses that I mentioned earlier! This is a lot simpler; Painted Polish Stamped in Moss is the base for the index and pinky fingers as well as stamped over the middle and ring fingers. I stamped with Stamped in Blush over the top of the green. Rose Quartz Revival is the base for the middle two fingers.

I am so proud of this final look! It's pretty simple, but it's also one of the very few times that I've managed to watermarble to my satisfaction. The base for the index, middle, and ring fingers is Blushing Ballerina, and the pinkie is Blush Babe. Stamping is done with Painted Polish Midnight Mischief. For the watermarble on the middle finger, I used Midnight Mischief, Blush Babe, and Top Shelf Lacquer's Bar Mix. .

The "i love blush." launches Tuesday, April 3rd at 6pm Pacific on the Painted Polish website. Only Blush Babe and Rose Quartz Revival are listed as limited edition, but I don't believe any of these colors will be restocked, so be ready to pick them up while you can! I listed the individual prices above, but the full set will be $50 plus shipping.

What do you think? Which polish are you looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comments!

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