Potion Polish Blackberry Hill Collection

Disclaimer: these polishes were purchased by me.

Have you ever been blessed with the glorious feeling of success, only to immediately find yourself backsliding lower than you were before? Yeah. That's me in League of Legends right now. On the bright side, since I've got to take an anti-tilt break every once in a while, I finally made time to work on some more swatches! Today I've got the rest of the Potion Polish Blackberry Hill collection for you to put your peepers on. Quick reminder: if you want to see the super-popular, currently sold-out Hot Maple Toddy, that's in the previous post so I won't be posting those pictures again here.

This was my first purchase from Potion Polish, and I'm super impressed! I ordered four polishes, they shipped the next business day, and, well, look at them!

Cabin by the Lake

Cabin by the Lake has a bluish green base, red/gold/green multichrome shimmer, and silver holo glitter and flakies. I think the base has kind of this cloudy jade-like quality that I really love and find hard to describe. The formula is really great; one coat for opacity but here I used two. It dries glossy smooth but I did top it with a coat of Vapid QDTC.


Spiced is a red-violet base with a metallic coppery red shimmer and loads of holo flakies. The overall effect is a luxurious wine burgundy that shimmers and sparkles! In some lighting it looks more purple and in some it comes across redder. This is another great formula that I think you can get away with just one coat of! Two coats does add depth, and while it dries pretty smooth and glossy, I didn't forgo the top coat here either.


Last up is Windchill! This is a bright cobalt blue with shifty pink aurora pigment. The pink pigment pulls it a little purple in some lighting, so I guess this was a collection with three purples in it? No wonder I liked it so much! The formula on Windchill was also pretty good, but it definitely wasn't opaque in one coat. I didn't really feel right until I had three; again, it dries somewhat glossy on its own but not as glossy as with top coat.

That's it! Again, you can see the fourth polish in the collection here, but it's currently out of stock. The three in this post, however, can be found right here on the Potion Polish website! 

What was your favorite? I can't pick between Spiced and Cabin by the Lake! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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