Potion Polish Blackberry Hill Collection

Disclaimer: these polishes were purchased by me.

Have you ever been blessed with the glorious feeling of success, only to immediately find yourself backsliding lower than you were before? Yeah. That's me in League of Legends right now. On the bright side, since I've got to take an anti-tilt break every once in a while, I finally made time to work on some more swatches! Today I've got the rest of the Potion Polish Blackberry Hill collection for you to put your peepers on. Quick reminder: if you want to see the super-popular, currently sold-out Hot Maple Toddy, that's in the previous post so I won't be posting those pictures again here.

This was my first purchase from Potion Polish, and I'm super impressed! I ordered four polishes, they shipped the next business day, and, well, look at them!

Potion Polish Hot Maple Toddy

Disclaimer: all polishes in this post were purchased by me.

Hi everyone! Today's post is going to be super short because I have been really busy taking the next step to being a Real Adult™, but I could not stop myself from sharing this polish with you! I finally got my hands on Potion Polish's Blackberry Hill collection, including this ridiculously gorgeous number: Hot Maple Toddy. It's a lovely, deep violet-indigo jelly base with this sexy red/bronze/gold (and almost green) shimmer accented with holo sparkles. I don't believe the shimmer is the original UP found in Clarins 230, but it does come across as extremely similar, just with a little less sparkle. On the nail, it looks quite smooth, where UP is more... feisty.