Painted Polish: Shades of Taupe

Disclaimer: The Shades of Taupe polishes were provided to me in exchange for swatches and a review. All other polishes in this post were purchased by me.

Hi everyone! Oh my gosh, I'm actually so excited about this post. One of my favorite brands, Painted Polish, has started a little program where they're picking a guest swatcher from their Facebook fan group in order to swatch their polishes ahead of release, and I was picked to be the first guest! And oh boy, this collection does not disappoint.

It's called Shades of Taupe, and it's comprised of 5 taupe-based polishes with different finishes. There's an ultraholo, a microglitter, a glitter crelly, a flakie crelly, and finally a stamping creme. In addition to the different finishes, the taupe base of each of these polishes varies a little bit. Altogether, they make a great set for very chic, neutral (but definitely not boring) nail art!

Taupe Temptation

First up is Taupe Temptation ($12), "a unique taupe ultra holo with added silver holographic for that extra sparkle!" This is a linear holo with scattered holo glitters. It's on the browner side of taupe, and it is very blingy. To be completely honest, I'm not that into linear holos, but the way Lexi spices them up actually just really does it for me. Her ultra holo finish is always gorgeous, and Taupe Temptation is no exception to that rule. This is two coats and top coat.

Suede Safari

Suede Safari ($12) is one of my favorites from this set; it's "a limited edition shade that features gold, green, fuchsia, and aqua chrome flakies plus gold holographic glitters in a medium taupe crelly base". This is a very complex flakie crelly and it has so much depth to it! The taupe in this one also leans towards the brown side. I felt like the mossy green and gold tones in the flakie/glitter mix dominate on the nail, but the flashes of pink add the perfect touch. Swatches are two coats and top coat; I found this one dried pretty smoothly and only needed one coat of top to be completely smooth.

Tickled Taupe

Tickled Taupe ($11) is hands down my favorite polish of the five! It "features a nude holo microglitter mix in a light taupe base for that subtle, but also sparkly look!" It sits firmly in the sandy beige taupe range, and it's actually one of my favorite nude polishes. I find it to be nice and neutral, but with an extra oomph that keeps it from being boring. It makes a perfect base for nail art!

It does dry a bit rough, and while I only used one coat of top for the swatched, I found it to still be a bit textured. If that bothers you, I did find it to be completely smooth with two coats of top coat, as I had when I did nail art with it. Swatches are three coats and top coat, although I think most could get away with just two coats.

Paving Rainbows

Paving Rainbows ($10) is the second limited-edition shade in the set; it's "a rainbow of metallic and holographic glitters in a dark taupe crelly base". To my eye, the taupe base leans more towards grey than Suede Safari does. This color is extremely interesting and I can say with confidence that I don't have anything similar to it in my collection. The contrast of the colorful glitters against the grey-taupe base really stands out! It dried pretty smoothly and only needed one coat of top to be completely smooth. This is two coats and top.

Stamped in Taupe

Last but certainly not least is Stamped in Taupe ($10). This is one of Lexi's legendary one coat cremes that also stamps perfectly over black! It's a lovely neutral taupe color that I find morphs a little based on lighting. Sometimes it leans greyish, sometimes brownish, and sometimes it's just a little on the grey-lavender side. My swatches are one coat and top coat.

I (of course) managed to break a nail before doing these swatches, so that's why they're shorter than the other pictures.

I also did a little comparison with a few other of Painted Polish's neutral stamping cremes for good measure! Left to right: Stamped in Mulberry, Stamped in Clay, Stamped in Taupe, Stamped in Mocha.

I accidentally used different lighting than usual for this one, but I think it does a good job of highlighting the differences and showing how Stamped in Taupe compares to a color that's definitely grey and one that's definitely brown.

Nail Art

I also did some nail art with this set! The black is another Painted Polish: Midnight Mischief!

For the first look, I put Tickled in Taupe on my index and ring fingers, and Suede Safari on my middle finger. Those three fingers are also stamped with Midnight Mischief and images from It Girl IG101. The pinkie is Midnight Mischief as the base and Stamped in Taupe stamped over it. I told you it stamps over black!

This look has Paving Rainbows on the index and middle fingers, stamped with Taupe Temptation and dotted with Midnight Mischief. The ring finger is Taupe Temptation stamped with Midnight Mischief, and the pinky is Stamped in Taupe as a base, double stamped with Midnight Mischief and Taupe Temptation. Plate is EDM14.

Shades of Taupe launches Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 6pm PST on the Painted Polish website. The full collection will be priced at $50 (plus shipping), which is a $5 discount on the individual retail pricing. In case you missed it (or, you know, just don't feel like scrolling up) individual pricing will be as follows:

$12 - Taupe Temptation
$12 - Suede Safari (LE)
$11 - Tickled Taupe
$10 - Paving Rainbows (LE)
$10 - Stamped in Taupe

Be sure to join the Painted Polish Facebook group and follow them on Instagram for more information on future releases!

So, what do you think? Will you be picking these up when they release? Thank you so much for reading!

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