January Polish Pickup: Supermoon Lacquer Moon Crystal Power

Hi, everyone! I hope that you've had an excellent holiday season, and are ready to start off the new year! Today I've just got one polish for you: the upcoming Polish Pickup color from Supermoon Lacquer. If you haven't heard of Polish Pickup yet, let me explain! It's a monthly collection of exclusive polishes based on a theme that is voted on ahead of time. A whole host of different makers contribute; I believe there are over 80 products available this month! Those products are only available the first Friday to Monday of their month, and you can buy as many as you want for a single flat shipping price of $3 within the US and Canada. Orders will even be combined, so you can always go back for more.

This month's theme is Crystals & Gemstones, and Supermoon Lacquer has kindly asked me to swatch their contribution! Inspired by the Illusionary Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon, Moon Crystal Power is named for Sailor Moon's transformation command.

Disclaimer: I was sent this polish to swatch and review.
Inspiration image by Sugar Coated Unicorns