Blush Lacquers Sea Water Shimmers Part 2

Update 10/13/2020: It's been almost two years since I last posted here, and I rarely wear polish anymore. But I still sometimes follow the community, although I'm a few days late seeing the recent news related to Blush Lacquer. I cannot in good conscience recommend supporting their brand anymore—although I'm sure it's obvious by these posts that I truly did love their work, there are just as many brands out there who don't have problematic views. For more context, you can check out @beautybattalion's instagram highlights titled "Please read". 

Disclaimer: All polishes in this post purchased by me.

Great news (for me), I was relatively good over Black Friday! There are SO many things that I did NOT buy. Kind of. I have to admit that I maybe was a little guilty of making maybe a few large purchases, like a macro lens for my DSLR (a Real™ macro lens! I can take Real™ macros now!), a new laptop to blog and edit pictures on (and so I can keep my polish mess out of sight), and even a Fitbit (evidently, I make Black Friday resolutions the same way other people make New Year's resolutions). Oh, and I also bought the entire Blush Lacquers Sea Water Shimmers Part 2 collections. Technically that was a PRE-Black Friday sale, so if you insist on asking, that's my defense.

Anyway, those Blush polishes are the entire point of this post, so we'd better get to it!

Dance Legend Celia—and Psyche's Beau Giveaway!

Disclaimer: polish received in exchange for review. Giveaway sponsored by Psyche's Beau.

Well, hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely weekend! I've been pretty absent from blogging and swatching for the past few months, courtesy of my move. Fun fact that I learned over the past few months? I suuuuuuuuck at moving. So bad. So much unpacking. So much. But I have good news for my blogging future: my new studio is finally all set up and ready to go! No more swimming in boxes and feeling cramped and claustrophobic just to take pictures! And to commemorate this momentous occasion, I also have a small giveaway attached to this post for a $20 gift certificate to Psyche's Beau!

...Well, okay, so it's not actually for me; it's to celebrate Psyche's Beau's anniversary. That's right, this up-and-coming stockist is officially a year old, and they're having a whole spate of giveaways to celebrate. Read on to see how to win!

Polish Pickup September 2018: Horror!

Disclaimer: this post contains polishes that were received in exchange for swatches.

Okay so it's been 3 months since my last post. In my defense, moving is hard, okay? And I'm still not totally unpacked so, you know, there's that, too. Now, I know I'm also a little on the late side with this post: September's Polish Pickup ends tonight. But with their amazing order combination policy, maybe you'll want to head back into the fray and grab one or both of these vampy polishes if you haven't already. I have swatches of the offerings from Supermoon Lacquer and Pepper Pot Polish for you; I did already post these elsewhere, but I'll go into a more detailed review for you here.

Ms. Sparkle: The Angry Coffee Shop

Disclaimer: I was sent these polishes in exchange for swatches.

Hello friends! I have been very unfortunately busy these past few weeks, between buying a new house and trying to move to the new house and being told by Wave Broadband for 4 weeks straight that they'll hook up the house for internet access "next week" without actually getting perceptibly closer to having internet and now jury duty today (apparently that's just something I have to do every year now, so that's cool), I kind of just want to crawl back into bed and maybe eat some cookies. You know, sometimes life just leaves you really, really, really cranky.

So maybe I'm just here to complain a little, but (and watch this seamless segue) Ms. Sparkle Polish has brought to us a lovable small polish collection based on the essence of complaints from the decidedly less lovable parts of life. The Angry Coffee Shop collection, with delightful names based on bits of this old tumblr repost, is coming soon to a Ms. Sparkle or Beautometry near you!

A little taste of Fyrinnae

Disclaimer: All of these shadows were purchased my me or a friend.

Hey y'all! My weekend's been a busy one, but it's apparently convinced me to be a bit more industrial than usual. I've just got a short little post for you tonight; it's gonna be some quick mermaid swatches of three shadows from Fyrinnae Cosmetics. Take a look!

Mephisto, Bawdy Librarian, and Incubus

I figured I'd color in a stencil so it looked like an actual mermaid, since I randomly managed to pick colors that would be suitable. More useful swatches after the jump!

Shiro Cosmetics: Multistick advance release

Disclaimer: Purchased by me. No affiliate links.

Okay, we're back! I wanted to bake some cookies for a social event tomorrow, and let's just say it's been a really long time since I baked any cookies. It's uh, a bit of a mess. I've also managed to consume too much chocolate for the rest of the month, and the cookies aren't even done baking yet. Whew.

So let's just get right to it!

Multisticks! This is an upcoming Shiro product that's been released for, as they put it, "peer review". This is a preview of a product still in development, so there are still some kinks to be ironed out. It's meant to be a multi-use product that works well on both cheeks and lips. Most are pretty sheer, so I can see how you could use them as a light tint for either. Review and swatches after the jump!

Shiro Cosmetics 8th Anniversary Sale: Eyeshadows

Disclaimer: Everything in this post was purchased by me! No affiliate links.

Part 2 here

It's Friday again! This week, one of Shiro Cosmetics' two annual big sales is happening, so I swooped up some makeup. A lot of makeup. More makeup than I really should have swooped up, really. It works out for you, though, because I purchased the night the sale started, and through a fortune of geography, managed to get my *two* orders before the sale is over. That's right, folks, everything in this post is still 20% off from Shiro until Sunday!

So, the two main parts of my purchase were the new(er) Spring Sprung! collection and the brand new Multisticks. I'm going to post both today, but split it up into two posts for easier navigation. This first part will be the eyeshadows. It will include the full Spring Sprung! collection as well as three other shadows: Mermaid You Look, Sunshower, and the free gift with purchase Celebr-eight Good Times. Click through for the swatches!

Indie by Patty Lopes: Available soon from Psyche's Beau!

Disclaimer: polishes in this post were sent to me in exchange for swatches and a review.

Happy Friday! Today's post is really exciting to me; Psyche's Beau was kind enough to send me 4 polishes from a brand new to the US market! This Brazilian brand, Indie by Patty Lopes, will be released tomorrow, Saturday April 28, and available for purchase from Psyche's Beau. The brand has huge variety of finishes, so I definitely recommend taking a look at the preview page. In addition to the holos and foils I'll be showing you, there are also some stunning multichromes that have definitely piqued my interest!

The Frisky Pixie: Ultraluxe Mineral Eyeshadows

Disclaimer: Purchased by me at a discount.

Hi everyone! Today we're finally back to makeup! I recently heard of The Frisky Pixie through Instagram, and they were running a great promotion for anyone who wanted to try their eyeshadows. I haven't been buying much makeup lately, but I couldn't pass up the chance to buy four shadows for nothing but the price of shipping!

The Howling Boutique's Supermoon Lacquer- #SorryNotSorry

Disclaimer: this collection was sent to me in exchange for swatches and a review.

Hear ye, hear ye! Today's swatches are of The Howling Boutique's Supermoon Lacquer's newest collection inspired by the Demi Lovato song and music video, "Sorry Not Sorry". I have to admit that I'm not a huge Demi Lovato fan, mostly because my music tastes are stuck in 2009: I'm still here listening to Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, and All Time Low, but the music video is a glorious blast of technicolor fun and I think this 5-piece collection does a great job of capturing its essence.

Painted Polish April PPU: By Grabthar's Hammer!

Disclaimer: This polish was sent to me in exchange for swatches and a review.

Hi again! Oh I know what you're thinking, another blog post? And so soon?? Well, Lexi from Painted Polish sent me one more polish to swatch along with the i love blush. collection, and you have to have it. This last polish will be available in the April Polish Pickup as Painted Polish's very first contribution to the event! April will be space-themed, and this polish is inspired by the movie Galaxy Quest.

By Grabthar's Hammer ($12.50) is "a vampy purple holo with gold galaxy glitters, turquoise microglitters, gold, bronze, and copper color-shifting flakies plus a glowing copper shimmer!" It'll be only be available this weekend, April 6-9, starting 8am Pacific Friday morning, from The Polish Pickup.

i love blush.

Disclaimer: the i love blush. collection was sent to me in exchange for swatches and a review.

Hi friends! On this bright (okay, overcast) Easter Fool's Day, I have swatches of a set of pretty pastel pink polishes up for perusal. Painted Polish's upcoming collection, "i love blush.", will be releasing on Tuesday, April 3rd at 6pm Pacific, and Lexi was kind enough to send it to me to show you!

This is a 5-piece collection, all blush pink, with different finishes. As is par for the course with Painted Polish, each and every polish applies perfectly smoothly and they all go together really well for nail art. If you're a fan of sparkly, delicate pink, then this is the collection for you!

Potion Polish Blackberry Hill Collection

Disclaimer: these polishes were purchased by me.

Have you ever been blessed with the glorious feeling of success, only to immediately find yourself backsliding lower than you were before? Yeah. That's me in League of Legends right now. On the bright side, since I've got to take an anti-tilt break every once in a while, I finally made time to work on some more swatches! Today I've got the rest of the Potion Polish Blackberry Hill collection for you to put your peepers on. Quick reminder: if you want to see the super-popular, currently sold-out Hot Maple Toddy, that's in the previous post so I won't be posting those pictures again here.

This was my first purchase from Potion Polish, and I'm super impressed! I ordered four polishes, they shipped the next business day, and, well, look at them!

Potion Polish Hot Maple Toddy

Disclaimer: all polishes in this post were purchased by me.

Hi everyone! Today's post is going to be super short because I have been really busy taking the next step to being a Real Adult™, but I could not stop myself from sharing this polish with you! I finally got my hands on Potion Polish's Blackberry Hill collection, including this ridiculously gorgeous number: Hot Maple Toddy. It's a lovely, deep violet-indigo jelly base with this sexy red/bronze/gold (and almost green) shimmer accented with holo sparkles. I don't believe the shimmer is the original UP found in Clarins 230, but it does come across as extremely similar, just with a little less sparkle. On the nail, it looks quite smooth, where UP is more... feisty.

Moo Moo's Signatures: New release!

Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me by the brand in exchange for swatches and a review.

Hi everyone! Today I have a wee handful of polishes from Moo Moo's Signatures for you to peruse! I have a mix of upcoming releases and a pair that's currently available. Let's just get right to it!

Painted Polish: Shades of Taupe

Disclaimer: The Shades of Taupe polishes were provided to me in exchange for swatches and a review. All other polishes in this post were purchased by me.

Hi everyone! Oh my gosh, I'm actually so excited about this post. One of my favorite brands, Painted Polish, has started a little program where they're picking a guest swatcher from their Facebook fan group in order to swatch their polishes ahead of release, and I was picked to be the first guest! And oh boy, this collection does not disappoint.

It's called Shades of Taupe, and it's comprised of 5 taupe-based polishes with different finishes. There's an ultraholo, a microglitter, a glitter crelly, a flakie crelly, and finally a stamping creme. In addition to the different finishes, the taupe base of each of these polishes varies a little bit. Altogether, they make a great set for very chic, neutral (but definitely not boring) nail art!

Fanchromatic Nails: Polish Pickup and a little more

Disclaimer: I was sent these polishes by the brand in exchange for swatches and a review.

Oops! I did not mean to take such a long break between posts; I actually have a ton of makeup and nail polish that I want to swatch and write up, but I just haven't gotten around to it. My excuse is that I'm trying to grind up the ladder in League of Legends, but it's, uh, not going well right now, so I'm taking a little break to tell you about a few gorgeous polishes that I was sent by Fanchromatic Nails to review.

One of these polishes is a super limited edition Polish Pickup shade, so you'll want to go check that out this coming weekend, February 2-5, 2018! The other two came along for the ride because just that one polish would have been lonely by itself.

Fanchromatic Nails is actually the very first brand that ever asked me to swatch for them, so I definitely have a bit of a soft spot for their polishes. I don't own very many, but I've been extremely impressed with the ones I do have, and definitely have more on my wishlist!

January Polish Pickup: Supermoon Lacquer Moon Crystal Power

Hi, everyone! I hope that you've had an excellent holiday season, and are ready to start off the new year! Today I've just got one polish for you: the upcoming Polish Pickup color from Supermoon Lacquer. If you haven't heard of Polish Pickup yet, let me explain! It's a monthly collection of exclusive polishes based on a theme that is voted on ahead of time. A whole host of different makers contribute; I believe there are over 80 products available this month! Those products are only available the first Friday to Monday of their month, and you can buy as many as you want for a single flat shipping price of $3 within the US and Canada. Orders will even be combined, so you can always go back for more.

This month's theme is Crystals & Gemstones, and Supermoon Lacquer has kindly asked me to swatch their contribution! Inspired by the Illusionary Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon, Moon Crystal Power is named for Sailor Moon's transformation command.

Disclaimer: I was sent this polish to swatch and review.
Inspiration image by Sugar Coated Unicorns