December 2017 Hello Waffle Visage

I'm slowly making my way through my backlog of swatches! This time I've got this month's Visage up for viewing. It's based on The Nutcracker and I was pretty impressed with the Hello Waffle products in this box! The color scheme for the eye products was right up my alley.

The ribbon is so festive!

As usual, the box came with a non-makeup extra. This month was a cute red cardinal ornament! I don't put up a tree, but I'm sure I can find a use for it.

All wrapped up like a present!

Alright, with the packaging and extras out of the way, let's get to the makeup! Eyeshadow first: swatches are over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. I thought I'd do nutcrackers and faeries (respectively) to fit the theme!

L-R: Divertissement over Nyx Black Bean, Divertissement, Sugar Plum Fairy, Toy Soldiers, The Mouse King over TFSI

L-R: Divertissement, Sugar Plum Fairy, Toy Soldiers, The Mouse King over PE

The Mouse King

The Mouse King is a taupe-grey matte base with purple sparkles. I found it to be a little hard to photograph as the taupe is kind of a chameleon as far as how warm or cool it wants to look! The purple shimmer also affects the color, especially over glitter primer.

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers was probably one of my favorites in the set! It's a rich, slightly blackened plummy purple base with a bluer purple shimmer.

Pumpkin and Poppy Sugar Plum Fairy

This month's guest was Pumpkin and Poppy and they contributed this silvery metallic lavender eyeshadow. This isn't the first time I've tried this brand, however, it is the first time I've tried this product from them. I also tried it as a highlighter and I didn't quite like it that way on my skintone, but it did blend out to be pretty sheer and suitable for that purpose.


Divertissement is the fairy dust from this set! It's definitely among my favorites. I'd call it a platinum base with multicolored sparkles that almost look holographic if you squint at it! Since it's a fairy dust, I also swatched it over Nyx Black Bean so you can see how it looks over black. And in that swatch, I noticed how well you can see the sparkle in the out-of-focus TFSI swatch, so I cropped that in.

The face products this month were a blush and an HW slimline lipstick.

Land of Sweets

Land of Sweets is a peachy, maybe light terracotta blush that blends out pinker and is mostly matte but has a small amount of sparkle in it. It's in the usual perfect, easy-to-blend HW blush formula. I have it over bare skin here.

The Nutcracker Prince

The Nutcracker Prince is a perfect raspberry lipstick. I found it to be comfortable, but not especially long-wearing. It leaves behind a tiny bit of stain.

While I really liked the blush and lipstick as well as the eyeshadows, I didn't think they really made a cohesive look together. The blush and lipstick just didn't seem to suit the color palette of the eyeshadows. So, I ended up not loving any of my full face pictures, but I will leave you with the eye closeups I posted on Instagram as I really liked how they turned out.

Whew, that's the box! Thanks for reading!

As always, Visage extras will be available some point down the line from the Hello Waffle website, although as of this writing it is currently closed for the holidays. Will you be picking up any of these when they're available for purchase? I  highly recommend grabbing Divertissement and Toy Soldier if you can!

Anyway, I have done so much makeup blogging lately, it's exhausting! As alluded to earlier, I'm super far behind on actually posting swatches and pictures I've already taken. I think my next post will have to be about nail polish!


  1. Great review and I’m seriously in love with all the eye looks you create!!(on instagram to)
    So Beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Heather! Lately I haven't been posting on there as often but I really appreciate all of your support!