Black Friday 2017 Part 1: Shiro Cosmetics

Alternative title: tfw u order 2 much

Thanksgiving is over, and Black/Cyber/Fri/Mon/Week/end has come and been gone for long enough that my slew of perhaps ill-advisedly plentiful purchase have started to trickle in. Among those was my Shiro Cosmetics order. It wasn't the same magnitude of order as I made last year; in fact, it was quite a bit smaller, but I did panic a little when receiving it as for some reason, instead of the usual nondescript white bubble mailer, the order was packaged for the first time ever, in a box. I feel like that probably doesn't convey the sense of wait crap how much did I get oh god what have I done?? that I felt upon seeing said box, but I assure you it was much panic.

In this year's order, I grabbed minis of the brand new Cozy and Bright collection, as well as some other miscellaneous shadows, some lip glosses, and a liquid highlighter. Swatches after the break!

Cozy and Bright

First up, we have the Cozy and Bright collection. As usual, I've done these in artificial lighting, with two types of primer, and they're edited to be as close to color accurate as possible. This time I have changed up the "normal" primer (okay yeah I totally lost my Lorac primer, oops) with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but the sticky base is still Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. My skin was weirdly sensitive to the tape I used to map out my swatches, so I ended up with these awful red marks on my arms, and I still have a bit of bruising a few days later. Sorry about that!

This is a collection of lovely, shimmery and sparkly neutrals. Two are glitterbombs that require glitter glue, but the rest do pretty well without it. They're sold in 4 different sizes: sample baggies, 1g minis, 2g full size, and 4g deluxe jars (in case you want to use them as face highlighters). 

Sweaters with Knee-Length Sleeves

I would describe this as a blush gold, near metallic shimmer. It looks more metallic over sticky primer, and it looks pinker when it's on its own and not right next to a pink. Formula seemed pretty easy to work with and I didn't have any trouble building it to opacity over normal primer.

Sweaters with Knee-Length Sleeves: TFSI

Sweaters with Knee-Length Sleeves: PE

Mulled Wine in the Bathtub

Mulled Wine in the Bathtub is another satiny-metallic shade, this time in a fetchingly feminine petal pink sort of way. It has a little bit of a purple shift in it, so that it looks bluer over sticky primer than it does over normal primer. Formula blends very easily; I think it would make a great blush if you're somewhat pale.

Mulled Wine in the Bathtub: TFSI

Mulled Wine in the Bathtub: PE

Two Hands Means Two Mugs of Cocoa

Two Hands Means Two Mugs of Cocoa is a metallic pinky-brown with purple sparkle that deepens the tone a lot over glitter primer. I actually think this one would make the perfect nude frosted lip gloss, if you're so inclined. Formula is very similar to the previous two.

Two Hands Means Two Mugs of Cocoa: TFSI

Two Hands Means Two Mugs of Cocoa: PE

Every Blanket in the House

Every Blanket in the House is a pale smooth champagne shimmer: very creamy and almost silvery. To me, it's very evocative of the softest outdoor holiday lights, although it's a lot paler and less yellow than actual candlelight.  Excellent lid shade for a holiday halo eye.

Every Blanket in the House: TFSI

Every Blanket in the House: PE

I Am a Four-Limbed Cat Tree

I Am a Four-Limbed Cat Tree is a sweet, soft gold. It has kind of a duochrome thing going for it, with a greyish base under the lovely gold shimmer. This would probably be a great one-shadow look for anyone who is so inclined! I also think it would compliment perfectly with any deep, rich jewel tones. Or black. Or okay, yeah, pretty much any color. It's super versatile!

I Am a Four-Limbed Cat Tree: TFSI

I Am a Four-Limbed Cat Tree: PE

Gloves But Each Finger Is a Mitten

This is actually one of the two shades that pushed me to grab this full collection! It's one of Shiro's glitterbombs, much like Wizard Wheezes and Catch Me If You Can. I love Shiro's glitterbomb formula. It's so sparkly and just bright and not even annoying to work with! They do require glitter glue to really stick to your skin for the full effect, but many of them aren't too shabby without it.

Gloves But Each Finger Is a Mitten is a sparkly gold glitterbomb. I probably wouldn't use this one as a face highlight, just because the particles wouldn't really stick and it would then get all over everywhere and everything, but you do you, boo. 

Gloves But Each Finger Is a Mitten: PE

Gloves But Each Finger Is a Mitten: PE

The Snow Can't Find Me Here

Another glitterbomb—see above section for my rave on this formula! I am a little disappointed in this one, though, to be honest. I had thought this would be a white sparklebomb, an eyeshadow representation of the purest, freshest powdery snow and the way it catches the sun and all other light sources in a blindingly beautiful frigid flash that's both white and a rainbow at the same time because that's how refraction works. 

This is not that color. It looked promising in the jar, but when I swatched it, it read much more silver than white. I still think it's really beautiful, but it makes me think more of a silver tinseled tree than the magical snowfalls of my Colorado childhood.

The Snow Can't Find Me Here: TFSI

The Snow Can't Find Me Here: PE

Fleece-Lined Pillow Fort

Last one in the Cozy and Bright collection! This is a soft and creamy ivory-leaning white. It looks pretty stark on my skin, but I think it would blend out to a really subtle highlight on the face. 

Fleece-Lined Pillow Fort: TFSI

Fleece-Lined Pillow Fort: PE

Other shadows

A few other shadows also made it into my cart! These are honestly pretty random. Two are Detrivore-branded, the other three are Shiro.

Grow Home, Douglas, You're Trunk

This is one of a trio of shadows with ridiculously punny tree-themed names. It's a pretty ugly almost-mustard-but-also-kind-of-green color. I love it! Grow Home, Douglas, You're Trunk looks matte from a distance, especially over normal primer, but it does have shimmer in it that helps it blend better. Sticky glue also accentuates the shimmer. There's a weird brown bit at the edge, I think because I got a bit of water on it trying to clean up the edges. However, it didn't really take on that brown tone when foiled over sticky glue, which was strange.

Grow Home, Douglas, You're Trunk: TFSI

Grow Home, Douglas, You're Trunk: PE


Mlem is half of a CotM duo featuring Caitlin's adorable pets. This pink sparklebomb is based off of her cat and will be available until June 2018; you won't be able to find it just browsing the site normally, but use the search feature (only available on the desktop site) and it'll pop up for you! As with most of the Shiro CotM duos, this is only available in full size, and you can buy it separately or in a slightly discounted bundle with its matching partner.

Mlem has some sort of blueish white shimmer in it, which really lightens the tone when it's over normal primer, but when over sticky primer, the metallic sparkly elements are emboldened and it becomes a bit of a darker pink, with almost a gold shift.

Mlem: TFSI

Mlem: PE


Blep is the other half of the CotM duo. It's a smooth, coppery satin shimmer based off Caitlin's dog. Over normal primer, it's delicate and nearly sheer. It has a greyish base and the overall effect reminds me a bit of Fyrinnae's Serendipity, although I wouldn't call it a dupe. Over glitter glue, though, the metallic brown quality really shines through. It's also just a little shifty between copper and gold that I'm not entirely sure where to categorize it.

Blep: TFSI

Blep: PE

Detrivore Beatification to the Witch

This shadow is so beautiful and stunning, I can't even. It's definitely my favorite out of this order, which is probably predictable because I am a fiend for purple. It's deep and velvety and has a really sexy red shimmer, plus despite how deep it is, it performs great on normal primer! However, put it over a glitter glue and it's just so rich and perfect and everything I hoped it would be. It's not lip-safe but I'm definitely considering getting a custom matched gloss for it because wew lad.

Unlike Shiro shadows, Detrivore shadows are only available as either samples or full size jars.

Beatification to the Witch: TFSI

Beatification to the Witch: PE

Detrivore A Shadow Among Shadows

A Shadow Among Shadows made it into my cart on a complete whim. It's one of those strong matte bases with somewhat sparse shimmer, and I don't have the best track record with those. However, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the formula when I swatched it. The base is a deep, almost black teal, kind of as if it were originally black but it saw a little too much sun and got slightly bleached. The shimmer is a brilliant emerald green. I'm curious as to how the formula is to work with on the eyes.

Again, Detrivore shadows are only available as either samples or full size jars.

A Shadow Among Shadows: TFSI

A Shadow Among Shadows: PE

Lips and face

Ahhhhhhh I thought I was done after trudging my way through all the shadow swatches, but I also made some gloss purchases. I have Giggle Water, Pumpkin Juice, One-Way Ticket to Cozytown, and Sparklecat (which is not a lip product, is in fact very not safe for lips or eyes, and only meant for its intended use as a liquid highlighter for the face). Arm swatches are over bare skin, and kind of just swiped around and built up as much as possible.

Giggle Water

Giggle Water is a clear, blue-grey gloss filled with little blue sparkles. If you've ever seen a piece of labradorite, it kind of reminds me of that: mostly grey, but hit it with light at the right angle and BAM! Blue! It's probably meant as a topper for other colors, but I'm sure you could also wear it alone if so inclined. The scent is this odd mix of something that I can only describe as effervescent, like the bubbles in plain mineral water. I'm not entirely sure if I like it or not, honestly. However, the care and attention to detail put into the presentation of this gloss is excellent! It would make a great gift for a Harry Potter fan. The label fits so well and the tube is all bubbly-looking and everything. I see now that I should have taken packaging pictures for you but as it happens, I did not and I will not and if you want to see you'll have to take a peek at the Shiro website. This is sold as either a 15ml squeeze tube or a ~1ml clamshell sample. Lip swatch is one coat over bare lips.

Shiro Giggle Water

Pumpkin Juice

Another beautifully presented lip gloss, Pumpkin Juice is a fiery, shimmery orange. There is also a section at the very top of the squeeze tube, meant to look like foam, which is strongly white-gold, but of course I have not gotten anywhere near it. The flavor of this one is like fall spices (I can definitely taste some nutmeg!) and vanilla. This is sold as either a 15ml squeeze tube or a ~2ml clamshell sample (you get the "pumpkin juice" as well as a touch of the "foam"!). Lip swatch is two coats, which is about how many I needed for it to be jelly-opaque: that is, not exactly opaque because the gloss is like a jelly, but to the point where it's evenly distributed and covers up my bare lips.

Shiro & Co. Cold Pressed Pumpkin Juice

One-Way Ticket to Cozytown

This gloss is technically part of the Cozy and Bright collection, but it will not come with the full collection if that's what you order. It's a creamy, opaque mauvey pink that is startlingly close to my natural lip color, although it looks to lean more orange on my arm than on my lips. I found the flavor to be strange; it's listed as "fig, citrus, and a touch of pine", which I wouldn't say isn't accurate, but it is hard to place. There's maybe a bit more than just a touch of pine. This comes in either a 12 ml doefoot tube or a sample clamshell with ~1ml of product. It was definitely opaque in one coat, but the two coat picture came out in better focus, so that's what you're getting.

One-Way Ticket to Cozytown


Our very last swatch today is of a beautiful liquid highlighter called Sparklecat. This is a CotM but unlike most Shiro CotMs, it uses the Hello Waffle formula. I know I have mentioned this before, but I just LOVE this formula. It's so easily blendable, but once it sets, it's there for the rest of the day. I'm so excited to see Shiro making more of it!

Sparklecat is more on the shimmery highlighter side than the sparkly, and it's a smooth, neutral slightly coppery champagne. I think on someone who is very pale, it would come out more as a bronzer, because it seems kind of tan, but otherwise I bet it works well as a highlighter on a huge variety of skin tones.

Hello Shiro Sparklecat

Whew, that's it! If you'd like to purchase anything pictured here, you can! It's easy! For once I'm not blogging about something super limited edition! I'll drop you some (non-affiliate) links below for easy access.

Shiro Cosmetics: standalone storefront / Amazon storefront

Cozy and Bright collection: link

Lip glosses: link

Currently available CotMs: link

Thank you so much for reading! What are your thoughts on the Cozy and Bright collection? Do you have a favorite Shiro product? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I need Beautification to the Witch now! I don't know how I missed that one, I'm a purple fiend too.

    1. It's probably one of my new favorite purples! I haven't actually compared them, but it reminds me a little of Femme Fatale's Night in Werewolf Woods but with a much better formula.