December 2017 Hello Waffle Visage

I'm slowly making my way through my backlog of swatches! This time I've got this month's Visage up for viewing. It's based on The Nutcracker and I was pretty impressed with the Hello Waffle products in this box! The color scheme for the eye products was right up my alley.

The ribbon is so festive!

Black Friday pt. 2: Corvus Anthology

More of my Black Friday orders have begun trickling in! Actually, this arrived on Friday, and I just got a delivered notice for my Notoriously Morbid order, right in time for me to finally finish editing these swatches. *silent screaming* Anyway, Corvus Cosmetics did an amazing sale, where not only did you get 30% off, but you also got an exclusive full size shadow free with purchase! On top of that, if you were in The Corvus Nest Facebook group, you got an additional full size shadow. So I ended up ordering the entire new Corvus Anthology collection in minis, and receiving both GWP shadows.

Limited edition Corvus Cosmetics highlighters: East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these with my own money and I am not a member of Corvus's affiliate program.

Corvus Cosmetics recently participated in a collaboration with Nui Cobalt Designs, Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries, and Arcana Wildcraft where all four companies created a collection based on the Norwegian fairy tale, "East of the Sun and West of the Moon". Corvus's contribution was this gorgeous set of 5 highlighters that I immediately had to pick up! As of this post, all five highlighters are still available in samples, minis and full sizes, but don't wait too long because when the current stock runs out, they won't be back.

Tonic Golden Girls: The (formerly elusive) Multichrome Madness customs

Recently, a friend of mine decided to sell her bottles of the Tonic Golden Girls quad, which was an exclusive custom for the Facebook group Multichrome Madness. Seeing her bottle shots had me thinking of my own set, which had been sitting in a helmer drawer with my other Tonics, half unused for quite some time. Being the procrastinator that I am, I immediately swatched all four, left them on my desk, and then promptly didn't touch them for two weeks.

Then, three days ago, Multichrome Madness announced that not only is Tonic returning with three new group customs, but the original four customs from last year are also going to be available for purchase again! Suddenly my random swatch craving is relevant! I figured I'd better hurry up and post before it becomes irrelevant again. So, without further ado, the Tonic Golden Girls: Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose!

Black Friday 2017 Part 1: Shiro Cosmetics

Alternative title: tfw u order 2 much

Thanksgiving is over, and Black/Cyber/Fri/Mon/Week/end has come and been gone for long enough that my slew of perhaps ill-advisedly plentiful purchase have started to trickle in. Among those was my Shiro Cosmetics order. It wasn't the same magnitude of order as I made last year; in fact, it was quite a bit smaller, but I did panic a little when receiving it as for some reason, instead of the usual nondescript white bubble mailer, the order was packaged for the first time ever, in a box. I feel like that probably doesn't convey the sense of wait crap how much did I get oh god what have I done?? that I felt upon seeing said box, but I assure you it was much panic.

In this year's order, I grabbed minis of the brand new Cozy and Bright collection, as well as some other miscellaneous shadows, some lip glosses, and a liquid highlighter. Swatches after the break!