Quixotically shimmery polishes from Quixotic Polish

Quixotic Polish is one that's been on my list to watch for a while now, so when they recently announced a sale to show off their beautiful new bottles and labels, I had to snatch up these sleek shimmers! This purchase included the Vere Suo trio and two bottles from the She Sells Seashells collection.

Amsonia Ciliata

Zephyr wanted to help me out by modeling the bottles for me!

The Amsonia Ciliata is a small, delicate flower also known as the Bluestar. The polish it's named after is a blue with green shimmer that has relatively larger particles compared to the other polishes in this order. Sometimes I feel like I see little pink bits as well, but there's not much evidence of that in these pictures, so maybe I'm imagining it. I would describe the shimmer in the other polishes as ethereal, but the shimmer in this one is kind of coarser.

The formula was easy to work with, but a little bit brushstroke-y from the shimmer. This is 3 coats and top coat.

Direct light

Diffused light

Also diffused, but not quite as bright so you can kinda see the color of the shimmer

Viridi Ignis

Viridi Ignis: green fire. Accurate description of this polish, a light blue base with a beautiful, strong fiery green (to pink) shimmer. This one was also a little brushstroke-y, but otherwise the formula went on smoothly and easily. 3 coats and top coat.

I, uh, put this one on over Vapid Commitment Issues and then got called away to play a game of League. Commitment Issues does indeed have commitment issues, and my pinky must have caught on my keyboard and some of it peeled off. As I have mentioned before, we can NEVER go back, so I did not repaint it and we're just going to politely ignore it from now on.

Direct lighting

Diffused lighting: you can see some of the pink shimmer in the sides of the nails

Dual lighting, to try to show some of the shift in the shimmer


Rosea is a sweet, petal pink polish with a strong green shimmer that comes off a little gold in pictures. It's a similar shimmer to the one in Viridi Ignis, because I catch it shifting to pink in certain angles! Rosea, like its trio companions, was a bit brushstroke-y in the shimmer. 3 coats and top.

Direct lighting

Diffused lighting

Direct lighting/dual lighting setup. You can see the shimmer shifting here.

Seashell Shimmers

Seashell Shimmers from the She Sells Seashells (whew, what a tongue twister!) is a delicate off-white with a deliciously strong purple shimmer. This one actually surprised me with its perfect application—no complaints from me! I usually expect lighter colors, especially white and white-based pastels, to be on the difficult side, perhaps a bit patchy or streaky, but this applied just as smoothly as the others in the order. I think it would make the most amazing base for nail art! 3 coats and top.

Direct lighting

Diffused lighting

Sand Castles

I saved my favorite polish for last! This is Sand Castles, a taupe-beige nude offset by a glorious aqua shimmer. My bottle was missing both its front and bottom labels, but I have notified the brand and am hoping to get a response back on that soon. **Edit: Mary got back to me very quickly over the weekend, and immediately sent out replacement labels! I received the replacements today 10/28 and in the package was also a ring and her top and base coat. Great customer service!**

Like I said, this is my favorite, so I added the most pictures of it! The shimmer in it shifted a little bit, I noticed, but it was pretty close to the base color of the polish, so it's hard to see outside of the very edges of the bottle. You can kind of see it in the last two photos of this set if you look closely. Formula was easy to apply, although the shimmer is a tiny, tiny bit stroke-y. 3 coats and top.

Direct lighting

Diffused lighting

Diffused lighting

Diffused lighting—if you look near the cuticle area of the index and middle finger, you can see how the shimmer starts going a bit pinkish

Dual lighting to accentuate the shimmer and shift

That's it from me for my Quixotic polishes! Next up is the entire Cirque Colors Maison Collection—I somehow managed to win a second giveaway this month, and I suspect I may have used up all of the luck I've been allotted for the rest of my life, but wait 'til you see how beautiful the shimmers in this collection are!

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