Oct. 2017 Hello Waffle Visage!

 Are you guys ready for a makeup post? Doesn't matter, you can't stop me anyway! And today I got two packages from good ol' Shiro Cosmetics: a small order I made recently (which we will get to later), and my Hello Waffle Visage for the month. Shiro acquired Hello Waffle somewhat recently, and this is the second Visage curated by Caitlin. It came with some cute extra goodies for Halloween.

Here it is all unpacked! For extra goodies, we've got some candy, a little pumpkin charm, a somewhat creepy looking kitty necklace, a festively fall themed eraser top, and some bonus Shiro samples from the new collection. I'll show the swatches of these in a later post.

This month's theme was the Song of the Witches from Hamlet. We've got three eyeshadows (one is a Fairy Dust), a blush, a liquid highlight, a slimline lipstick, and the guest product was a glitter gel from Uniglitter Labs.

Everything open, sifters removed, look at the colors! I can see that this is going to be a very witchy makeup look. When I actually get around to trying it. Which I haven't done yet. Because I've been swatching for 4 hours and now there's no more sunlight. BUT SOON.

Aaand let's just take a quick second to appreciate the kitties on the label art and the perfect tiny little moons on the perfect tiny little washi tape pieces holding the halflings shut! And to pretend that I cropped these pictures the same height. Thanks for the support.

But now it's time for the pictures you've probably been scrolling through my rambling prose for:



Eye of Newt

We're going to start with the eyeshadows. First up is Eye of Newt, described as "yellowy moss shimmer with mint green flecks". The yellowy moss part is easy to see in the jar, hard to see when swatched. This is in a halfling jar but I believe that's the full size amount for this formula.

This is in Hello Waffle's Fairy Dust Overshadow formula, meaning it is not meant to be opaque on its own. Rather, it's intended as an eyeshadow topper to add glowy shimmer to a look. First I've got it over Lorac's primer, and then we can examine what happened when I put it over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.

Eye of Newt over normal primer

Eye of Newt over PE

So.... I tried to be cute and cut out a pumpkin stencil but it turns out I'm not great at cutting things out. Or drawing pumpkins, really, so this mess is what I ended up with. It's okay though because we are just going to move past this and check out the next shadow.

Adder's Fork

Adder's Fork is described as a "matte khaki". That's pretty accurate. Not much else to say other than I love the HW matte formula and this is no exception. Halfling size.

No PE on this one, since it's a matte. It's one of those ugly colors that I love for fall. I probably wouldn't say I like it, but I definitely like to wear it!

Wool of Bat

The insert describes Wool of Bat as a "deep blackened brown with green shimmer". It comes in a full size and I removed the sifter for the picture. I'd characterize it as mostly matte with the barest touch of shimmer. Strangely, I noticed that the shimmer comes out much better over the normal primer than it does over the sticky primer for some reason. 

Wool of Bat normal primer

Wool of Bat over PE

Crap, another weird pumpkin. SCROLL ON BY FRIENDS. (But yeah, you can see here, for some reason the sparkle was much less intense over the glitter glue than over the normal primer. So spooky. The formula is much more like HW mattes than it is like their shimmers.)

Face Products!

Cauldron (blush)

Cauldron is listed as a "dark matte purple-mauve", and it looks much pinker in the jar than it goes on. Applied to skin, it really does turn into this dusty purple that I think will be much better suited on me as a contour than a real blush. I think it'll give me that spooky hollowed kind of look that's all the rage with witches and ghouls these days!

Swatched over bare skin, using my usual "pat super heavy on one side and then blend out" so you can see both the color of the blush and how it blends out.

Witch Song (liquid highlighter)

Witch Song is a "subtle cool silver with a green flash". I haven't seen the green flash, but I imagine it shows better when blended way out. Which I did not do. 

This is in HW's liquid highlighter which is one of my favorite liquid highlighter formulas! I'm really glad that now there will be more coming out.

It looks kind of patchy here, but let me just refer you back to earlier, where I said I didn't blend it out at all. I accidentally put on WAY too much so while you can see the color, you can't really see how it would look on the face. I'm okay with this though, because I think it would be impossible to properly photograph then. 

Trouble Charm (slimline lipstick)

Hello purple lipstick! Trouble Charm is a "heathery purple-grey". I think this is going to be super hard to wear, but it certainly matches the rest of the kit. It's like a purple version of the greige lips that were so popular recently.

Bubbling Brew (Guest indie! Glitter gel)

This month's guest indie was a little different from the norm with a glitter gel from Uniglitter Labs. This is not suitable for eye use, but it is an interesting mix of glitter that could be fun for a Halloween look. Bubbling Brew is listed as "multi-sized black glitter; purple/green iridescent hex glitters; silver star glitters". I really love the little stars!

Final note with the glitter, I noticed when I washed it off that it came off super easily and didn't get all over everything! Seriously. I was surprised, too.

Extra Goodies!

As mentioned earlier, this box came with some extra treats! I had Pix help me out and model the spooky cat pendant for some somewhat unsettling pictures.

That's everything I've got for now! I believe the Visage items will be available for purchase sometime in the future. Also, I have a whole 'nother order full of swatches to write up a post for you to consume, so watch out for that if you've been looking at any of the new Shiro collection or CotMs.


  1. Dang! I agree with you when you say this is a witchy look. Kind of makes me wish I had jumped aboard the Visage Box earlier. I'd love to see a makeup look sometime if you can! I'm sure you'd look fantastic ♡

    1. Thank you! It's a really fun month, but probably not for everyone, lol. I did a makeup look and posted pictures on imgur here: https://imgur.com/a/IWjgR