Cirque Colors Maison Collection pt 2

Well, I definitely did not mean to take that long of a break, but now I'm back and I have the rest of the Cirque Colors Maison collection for your viewing pleasure! Again, I won these polishes in a giveaway. This half includes Lapis Lazuli, Magic Turquoise, Patina, Estate, and Druzy. I have to admit that the first half was my favorites, but honestly, this half ain't shabby, either. I'm a tiny bit sick and it has me very sniffly, plus I'm not writing this while I'm running on the magical muse of sleep deprivation, so this post will be a little less verbose (read: word-vomity) than you may be accustomed to from me. Swatches after the jump!

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a very bright blue creme filled with gem-like scattered metallic flakies. The finished effect definitely reminds me of lapis lazuli, the gemstone. The blue pulls my skintone in a really weird direction, so this was a hard one to color-correct. I did my best. This is 3 coats and top coat, but I think it was opaque in 2. 

Direct lighting

Diffused lighting

Magic Turquoise

Magic Turquoise is one of the three thermals in the collection. It's robin's egg blue when warm, and minty green when cold. The finish is similar to Lapis Lazuli in that there are metallic flakies in it, bringing to mind the actual mineral. I found it to be super sensitive—I was slightly cold, and it refused to change to warm state until I heated my hands up significantly, but after that point it kept wanting to bring out that perfect graduated transition on me! You can see in the first two pictures where my fingers are fully in one state, my hands are a little wet because I had to work so quickly to take the pictures, I didn't have time to dry them off completely. 3 coats and top.

Warm state

Cold state



Another of the thermals in the collection, Patina is a chocolate-y metallic brown when cold, and a bright rose-gold copper when warm. The finish is the kind of metallic that you get with a million dense, metallic microflakies, and it has just a little touch of holo to boot. I have a few extra pictures of this one because it looked pretty different in different lighting conditions. The transition was more stark than gradual. 3 coats and top.

Cold state, direct lighting
Warm state, direct lighting

Warm state, indirect lighting (can see more of the sparse holo)

Transition, direct lighting

Transition, indirect lighting


Estate is the olive-gold non-thermal version of Patina. It has the same finish, the same subtle holo, but none of the color-changing. Also, it's gold. It looks greener in some lights and yellower in others—I think the flakies play tricks on my eyes. Anyway, this is the kind of luxe, gold extravagance that I would associate with Cleopatra, or perhaps more realistically, the Luxor hotel/casino in Las Vegas. 3 coats and top; I don't think I really needed all 3.

Direct lighting

Diffused lighting


I have to be honest with you, my brain can't really comprehend Druzy. It kinda just looks silver or blue from a distance, but it's definitely not. The formula and finish are very similar to Estate and Patina, but instead of all the flakies being similar colors, it's just a rainbow. A gorgeous, confusing rainbow, like if multichrome were discrete rather than continuous. Like a microglitter with multiple different colors in it, but the particles aren't uniform shapes and they're way smaller. I'm actually not even sure if there's holo in it—I think not, but I can't actually tell because rainbows. It's amazing that you can even see all the colors, that they don't just completely blend together, and I think that's what makes this polish special to me. Oh, and unlike a microglitter, it just dries totally smooth on its own. 3 coats and top, again, the 3rd was unnecessary.

Direct lighting

Diffused lighting

Well, that's it, short post, hope you liked it, let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement (Yes, I know, I want to take macros too, but I'm waiting for a good deal on a lens on Black Friday) or if I've inspired you to pick up any of these gorgeous polishes! They're currently available from the Cirque website or from one of their many stockists, although they are listed as limited edition, so I don't know how long they'll last. Thanks for reading!


  1. Magic Turquoise was already on my list to buy but you also made me consider Patina. You photos really bought out the glow/shimmer in it and it looks so pretty! You were so lucky to win this collection. :) Congrats!


    1. I'm so glad I helped! Well, I guess maybe it's not such a big help to convince you to buy *more* polish, haha. Thank you so much! This collection surprised me with how many more polishes I liked in person vs in online swatches.