A Pair of Moo Moos

Hey! Today I just have a very quick pair of gorgeous shimmery polishes from Moo Moo's Signatures. I ordered these with a friend through NailMail.hu during a preorder period, which ended up taking long enough to get to us that I had already forgotten I ordered them. They were definitely worth the wait, though!

Quick note that I broke one of my nails building some Ikea furniture this weekend—not enough to be in physical pain, but it basically took off the entire corner of my index finger. On my swatching hand. It was actually the second break on my index finger within the week, but instead of giving up, I faked the shape with hard gel and added an overlay to the rest of my fingers on that hand to boot. I'm not giving up my squares again! Anyway, if my nails look a little thicker than they should, that's why.

Moorora Borealis

Moorora Borealis has a bright blue base with a green to pink colorshifting shimmer. I believe it was a group custom for the Moo Moo's Signatures Facebook group, but it looks like it's still available from both NailMail.hu and Girly Bits.

This is just two coats and top coat; it went on so smoothly, albeit a little brushstroke-y. The pink shift in the shimmer is really perfect. It's definitely evocative of an aurora borealis. It just glows.

Fire Feather

Fire Feather is kind of a smokey, dusty plum shade with a red to copper shimmer. I hadn't noticed the shift in the shimmer while it was on my nails, but now that I look closely at the bottle, I can kind of see it turning a little gold on the edges so there's definitely a bit of action there. I probably could have brought it out with slightly different lighting (like I did with Moorora Borealis) if I had known to try, but it's too late now and we can never go back.

I think this was limited edition, but at the time of posting, appears to be still available from both Girly Bits and Color4Nails if you're inclined to grab it. This is three coats and top coat.

Well, that's really all I have for you but I don't really know how to end this? So here's a cute picture of my other kitty, Tyr. Thanks for reading!

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