The Hound of Hades + new nail shape

Disclaimer: polishes purchased by me!

4/13/18: Pictures updated.

I held strong to them for so long, but I'm finally letting go of my squares (cue dramatic sobbing) Anyway, I've been pretty bummed about my new shape, so I've been leaving them naked for the most part. Today I received my October Polish Pickup order, though, and Supermoon Lacquer's The Hound of Hades brought me out of my slump a little bit.

Pusheen says hi!
Swatches after the jump break.

Cirque Colors Maison Collection pt 2

Well, I definitely did not mean to take that long of a break, but now I'm back and I have the rest of the Cirque Colors Maison collection for your viewing pleasure! Again, I won these polishes in a giveaway. This half includes Lapis Lazuli, Magic Turquoise, Patina, Estate, and Druzy. I have to admit that the first half was my favorites, but honestly, this half ain't shabby, either. I'm a tiny bit sick and it has me very sniffly, plus I'm not writing this while I'm running on the magical muse of sleep deprivation, so this post will be a little less verbose (read: word-vomity) than you may be accustomed to from me. Swatches after the jump!

Cirque Colors Maison Collection Pt. 1

As alluded to in my previous post (and bragged about on IG), I won the mailing list giveaway that Cirque Colors runs whenever they release a new collection! As a result, here I am sitting on the full LE Maison Collection, itching to share all my swatches. It's a 10-piece collection, so in the interest of brevity (or maybe just manageability for me?), I've very arbitrarily split it into two 5-piece parts.

This first half will include swatches of: Velvetine, Succulent Garden, Plush Suede, Rothko Red, and Stoneware. Like I said, very arbitrary. Let's get on with it.


The polish I immediately put on and my first pick from the collection, Velvetine is a creamy denim-blue marked by a scatter of holo and a sexy copper shimmer. If you've ever seen the cold state of Vapid's Sweaters 'n Denim, this is similar to that, but the shimmer shifts a little bit between copper and gold, and the Vapid is missing the holo. Velvetine is my must-buy of the set and I think you can see why just by looking at these pictures. 3 coats and top, but I think most people would be happy with two.

Direct lighting

Quixotically shimmery polishes from Quixotic Polish

Quixotic Polish is one that's been on my list to watch for a while now, so when they recently announced a sale to show off their beautiful new bottles and labels, I had to snatch up these sleek shimmers! This purchase included the Vere Suo trio and two bottles from the She Sells Seashells collection.

Mustard and navy indie makeup look

I wore a kind of orange-y mustard shirt today, and I kept looking at how my nails (Baroness X Anthracite!) looked against it, and I just really really wanted to pair navy and mustard on my eyes. So I did! This look didn't come out quite as well as I was picturing it, but I still want to share. I have swatches and the actual makeup look for you.


Swatches first!

Baroness X Anthracite

Baroness X Anthracite, an X Army group custom. I like this polish a lot so I took a lot of pictures and I'm going to dump them on you with very little comment. It's a little sheer, so this is 4 coats and top coat, although I got away with 2 on my right hand. My left hand just has a harder time with VNL because of the overlay, especially on my cruel, prone-to-breakage index finger.

HHC 2017 Hella-ween Giveaway polishes

You guys, I have some crazy news for you: I won a giveaway! Hella Holo Customs does a healthy number of them throughout the year, and I pretty much enter as many as I can, but this time, I actually, really, truly won!

This particular giveaway was for a trio of polished from Heather's Hues, a brand that I currently only own one other polish from. They make some gorgeous creations, and I honestly would own more if I could, but unfortunately I don't quite have the funds to literally just buy every single polish that catches my eye.

The formula on these is really well done! They are slightly on the sheer side, as they have jelly bases, but that's a small sacrifice to ensure how perfectly the flakies, holo, and shimmer shine through. Unlike some jellies, I didn't feel like I had to work super quickly or risk having patchy streaks on my nails. The final results after drying were actually just as shiny and squishy with and without top coat, which is ridiculously impressive!

Random assortment from Shiro Cosmetics

Hey-o! Today's post is just going to be a nice little assortment of Shiro Cosmetics swatches from my latest small order. It's mostly CotMs that I'd passed on in previous months, but there's also a little bonus of five shadows from this year's Halloween collection, Into the Unknown, inspired by the Cartoon Network miniseries Over the Garden Wall.

Let's go!

Oct. 2017 Hello Waffle Visage!

 Are you guys ready for a makeup post? Doesn't matter, you can't stop me anyway! And today I got two packages from good ol' Shiro Cosmetics: a small order I made recently (which we will get to later), and my Hello Waffle Visage for the month. Shiro acquired Hello Waffle somewhat recently, and this is the second Visage curated by Caitlin. It came with some cute extra goodies for Halloween.

A Pair of Moo Moos

Hey! Today I just have a very quick pair of gorgeous shimmery polishes from Moo Moo's Signatures. I ordered these with a friend through during a preorder period, which ended up taking long enough to get to us that I had already forgotten I ordered them. They were definitely worth the wait, though!

Painted Polish pt. 2

Time for the second half of my Painted Polish order! Now, this half is all cremes, and they are all advertised as being great for stamping, so that's what I did with them. Turns out they all stamp amazingly, even over black, and they're all one-coaters to boot. All polishes in this post purchased by me.

Stamped in Moss

Painted Polish pt. 1

So, a few weeks ago, I made a largeish Painted Polish order. ...and by "order", I mean more like "three orders that all got combined and arrived yesterday" and I swatched all of them because they were all too pretty to not swatch immediately. It's a good amount of stuff, though, so I'm going to split it up into two posts; one for the holos and one for the cremes. Let's start with the four holos I grabbed: Dewdrop Dreams (HHC), Galaxy Gaze (HHC), Kissin' Kelp, and Moss Meditation.

Dewdrop Dreams (HHC)

Dewdrop Dreams, diffused lighting

Polished For Days Aspen! plus comparison

Hello! Today I had a very small bit of nail mail come in a day early, so I decided to do a short post swatching it. This is the only polish I ordered, Polished For Days Aspen, from their new fall collection. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous blue base with red to gold to green multichrome pigment and a smattering of holo to top it off. Purchased with my own money. This is two coats and top coat.

I'm back! Feat. Tonic Nail Polish

Baldur says hi!

Well, I've decided to bring the ol' blog back around, after a nice long 2 year stint of only posting pictures on Instagram. In the time since my last post, I've largely stopped buying makeup (okay, so it's more of a very low buy than an actual no-buy) and gotten very into indie nail polish. Like, I had 20 nail polishes, mostly drugstore, and now I have at least 500, mostly indie. So, accordingly, my plan is to start posting my polish reviews and swatches here, along with the makeup looks that I still love doing.

I thought I might kick this off with some swatch pictures of the current belle of the nail polish world colloquial ball, Tonic Nail Polish! My most recent order contained a few group customs that are still available, a charity polish that is also still available, and a gorgeous one-time release that is sadly no longer available. All polishes were purchased on my own, and any links provided are for convenience.

 Tracks in the Snow