Hi, my name is Celia and I really, really like blue eyeshadow.

It turns out that I own a lot of eyeshadow. Lately I've been playing around with the idea of swatching all of it in order to catalog it, or, you know, whatever, and today I started with my blues, which is maybe about an eighth of my indie collection, possibly a bit more. It's a lot of eyeshadow, so I'm going to limit the commentary. I tried to keep similar colors together so you could see potential dupes, but I kept seeing more colors and not having room on my arm, so oops.

All of these shadows are pressed, photos taken in natural light, and swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance on the top and TF Glitter Glue on the bottom with a Mac 239.

Arm 1 - Left to right:
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics (SCC) Hedgerow, My Pretty Zombie Illustrated Ink, Shiro Nayru's Love, Femme Fatale (FF) Crystal Guardian, SCC Robin the Cradle, FF Alpine Skies, SCC Tide Me Over, Dark Matter Makeup (DMM) Capricorn, Shiro Glowstick of Destiny

dat shift
Well, I overshot the tape by a bit there.

Random stray pen mark hiding under Glowstick of Destiny, I guess.

Arm 2- Left to Right:
Shiro I Understood That Reference, FF Polymorph Frostfire, Shiro Aurora Borealis, Hello Waffle (HW) North Pole, DMM Polaris, DMM Arcrux, Shiro Zora Sapphire, DMM Triton, DMM Neptune, DMM Pisces

Shifty shifty

Here you can see the pink mark fading as I repeatedly remove the makeup from my arm.

I love the shifts in Zora Sapphire and Neptune.

Arm 3 - Left to Right:
DMM Aquarius, DMM Proxima, DMM Pavonis, HW Oni Island, HW Edgar Allan Prrr, Shiro Colonel Mustang, Shiro Attercop Attercop, Shiro Terrible Fate, Corvus Urania

Aquarius is my zodiac sign! But, well, the duochrome is a little patchy even after being pressed.

Dupe note for Terrible Fate: I don't think I have an indie quite like it, but UD Evidence is almost exact.

Arm 4 - Left to Right:
HW Danger Zone, DMM Marie, Detrivore Benthos, FF Wrath Baby,  Corvus Bluebeard, FF Deepmoss, DMM See You Space Cowboy, DMM Margaret, HW Great Catsby, DMM Ariel

I had so much trouble convincing my camera to cooperate.

Yes, for some reason, my hand got really dirty for the last round and just the last round.

Great Catsby has this lovely shift that I love

Yes, I even did the mattes over Glitter Glue, because sometimes, lack of foresight trumps good sense. 

I know these pictures make Bluebeard look like it looks like Terrible Fate, but Terrible Fate is on the purpler side of blue--Bluebeard almost looks green next to it. Should have swatched them together, I know, my bad.

Well, now that I've tricked everyone into looking at my arm for a good while, I think I'm going to leave with this completely-relevant-because-I-swatched-one-color-called-Danger-Zone song in case anyone could possibly have ever forgotten about Cherlene.

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