I woke up at 5AM two months ago for this and it was totally worth it: Hello Waffle Visage

I have been wanting to get the Hello Waffle Visage subscription box for months. It was one of those cases where I had a chance to jump on, really early on, during the Black Friday sale, and I decided not to, and then spent the next 5 months desperately regretting that early morning decision. However, at the end of April, I decided that I was going to get one, sleep be damned, and set an alarm to get up in time. It was a little daunting to find out that there was only one slot available, but I did it. I woke up while it was still dark out and sat at my computer until it was mine. The next month, Hello Waffle started a waitlist for the subscription, and that probably makes me the last person who had to wake up extra early in order to snag one.

That was all months ago, though, and this post is about the June Visage! I received my shipping notification on June 9th, and the package arrived on June 13th, which is excitingly fast coming from Canada on the other side of the continent. The packaging was cute: a box wrapped in brown butcher paper with string and a fluffy white puff. Inside was a box neatly sealed with a Hello Waffle sticker. 

Inside the box was a blown-up version of the label art, and business cards for both HW and the guest indie for the month, Preen Cosmetics.

Included in this month's box are three full-size HW shadows in Neither Wolf nor Human, God of Life and Death, and Passage into the Forest, as well as a halfling blush in The Days of Gods and Demons and a full-size Preen Cosmetics lipstick in Power to Bite. 

I really love this month's color scheme, especially the blush. The theme, however,  I'm secretly not as excited about, because I'm one of those godless heathens who doesn't freak out over most Miyazaki films (honestly, I'm mostly still bitter about Howl's Moving Castle), but I did grow up watching them and have a huge soft spot for the Mandarin version of My Neighbor Totoro. The colors actually go really well both with the Princess Mononoke theme as well as each other. 

Full Swatch Pictures

Top to Bottom: Passage into the Forest, God of Life and Death, Neither Wolf nor Human, The Days of Gods and Demons applied thick and blended out, Preen Power to Bite

Swatches were done in natural lighting. The eyeshadow, left to right, is over bare skin, Too Face Shadow Insurance, and Too Faced Glitter Glue.


Natural Light

Natural light plus 4100k lamp to show off shine 

Passage into the Forest is described as "a white-green with a stronger forest-green sheen and a twinkle of red and white." I really just get a sparkly white, that's pretty sheer, a perfect inner corner highlight. Very opaque over normal primer, but glitter glue brings out a lot of the sheen and sparkle. I don't read much of the green, though.

God of Life and Death is described as "a dark taupe leaning purple with a red shift. Look closely and you might find some blue and turquoise." Taupe and sparkly; the red shift and the blue and turquoise come out to play when over glitter glue.

Neither Wolf nor Human is my favorite of the shadows - I love reds. It's described as "dark burgundy with a lighter orange/red sheen and a sparkle of midnight blue." I feel like the orange/red sheen comes though more as a sparkle, but the blue sparkle is also definitely there. Looks lovely over normal primer, but like the other colors, it's the most glittery over glue.


The Days of Gods and Demons is described as a "rusty blood red blush with pink undertones." Blended out, you can definitely see the pink. This blush is a lot darker and redder than I'm really used to using, but I actually really love it. I think the Visage face products are generally my favorite things in the box. I've bought a lot in destashes and as extras, and I use every single one regularly. This one is definitely making its way into the rotation as well.

Preen Cosmetics Lipstick

Power to Bite is described as a "blood red crème." This is the first time that I've tried Preen, which only opened a few weeks ago and is already receiving rave reviews. The lipstick is ridiculously creamy and glides on incredibly easily. It's also terribly comfortable on the lips. Honestly, though, I think it's a little too creamy. Although it's packaged in a slimline, I almost got out my lip brush to apply because I found it very difficult to get a proper shape and apply in a crisp line, as the extreme creaminess made the lipstick get away from me. As the "blood red" description is very accurate, I was worried that not being super careful would mean risking the look of one who had just devoured a live squirrel. 

...And Now for My Face

Here I am wearing everything from the box, and repurposing the fluffy puff as concealer for a pesky pimple. I think it definitely hides the pimple, but it may not be very good for a subtle look and it doesn't really stick to skin very well, so I probably would not recommend it for daily wear.

Here is an actual look at my face, pimple and all. Aside from foundation and mascara, the only things I'm wearing are from the box. I have Neither Wolf nor Human as a crease color and foiled as liner, God of Life and Death as the outer corner and outer bottom lashes, and Passage into the Forest as the lid, inner corner, and brow highlight. Power to Bite on lips and The Days of Gods and Demons on cheeks. 

I tried to keep the blush a little lower than usual on my cheeks because it's so dark. 

And here are some closer looks at my eyes and naked brows and blemishes.

Visage is $25 USD/month, but there currently are only 70 slots and dozens of names on the waitlist. Luckily, though, if you like any of the Hello Waffle products, they will be available on the website here starting tomorrow, June 15th, 2015. 

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  1. love the look! Thank you for sharing. I still haven't pulled the trigger on a subscription box but oh so tempting!