I woke up at 5AM two months ago for this and it was totally worth it: Hello Waffle Visage

I have been wanting to get the Hello Waffle Visage subscription box for months. It was one of those cases where I had a chance to jump on, really early on, during the Black Friday sale, and I decided not to, and then spent the next 5 months desperately regretting that early morning decision. However, at the end of April, I decided that I was going to get one, sleep be damned, and set an alarm to get up in time. It was a little daunting to find out that there was only one slot available, but I did it. I woke up while it was still dark out and sat at my computer until it was mine. The next month, Hello Waffle started a waitlist for the subscription, and that probably makes me the last person who had to wake up extra early in order to snag one.

That was all months ago, though, and this post is about the June Visage! I received my shipping notification on June 9th, and the package arrived on June 13th, which is excitingly fast coming from Canada on the other side of the continent. The packaging was cute: a box wrapped in brown butcher paper with string and a fluffy white puff. Inside was a box neatly sealed with a Hello Waffle sticker. 

Inside the box was a blown-up version of the label art, and business cards for both HW and the guest indie for the month, Preen Cosmetics.