Limnit Lipsticks

Abracadabra, Bewitching Hour, and League of My Own were purchased by me, and Goodness Graycious was a gift from a friend unaffiliated with Limnit. Opinions are my own, and I don't use affiliate links.

I've had a few Limnit Lipsticks jars in my Etsy cart for the past few monthssee, they make a purple lipstick, and I have a purple lipstick obsession. As a color, purple is close enough to pink to not be completely insane, but it's also still a very unnatural lip color. Plus, although orange shares this unnatural-but-not-insane property, I've always been suspicious of it ever since I had a recurring nightmare in preschool about a serial-killing, orange-haired clown who found his victims by jumping out of posters with his face on them. Purple is a much more regal, much less murderous color, but I digress.

Limnit is a pretty popular brand on /r/indiemakeupandmore, but a lot of people had been waiting for them to reintroduce lipstick bullets before purchasing. Although I waited to purchase until right when lipstick bullets were reintroduced, I was actually not in that group of people, because I enjoy applying lipstick from a jar, with a lip brushit's very Mulan. I was actually just waiting for a discount before I pulled the trigger, and I ended up buying three jars and getting free shipping. 

The colors I ordered were Bewitching Hour, Abracadabra, and League of My Own. Goodness Graycious was a gift from /u/golddiglett.

L-R: Bewitching Hour, Abracadabra, Goodness Graycious, League of My Own
I have got to start taking product pictures before I use the products.

Swatches after the break!

The jars came wrapped in a little chevron-print paper bag, sealed with a Limnit sticker. An informational postcard was included, with application, storage, and removal tips, as well an ingredients list and a small hand-written thank you. 

The general formula was very creamy, opaque, and easy to work with, with a finish that I can only describe as being exactly like the satin gift-wrap Scotch tape that comes in purple packaging. It doesn't really reflect light, but I can't call it matte. 

I had a slight amount of staining on my arm, but none on my lips, which I attribute to the layer of clear lip liner (UD Ozone) that I applied under it. The lipstick came off very cleanly using coconut oil. 

I didn't really test for longevity because honestly, I'm the worst person to ask about lipstick longevityto give you an idea, the Sephora brand Cream Lip Stain in 01, a beautiful red lip cream often praised for its ridiculously long lasting magic, maybe stays with me for about 2 or 3 hours before it gives up, and pretty much every other lipstick I've tried is the same. 


Here are all of the colors together on my arm, putting what little I remember from 14 years of Chinese school and half a summer of calligraphy classes in Taiwan to use. Swatch pictures taken in natural light, applied with one of the tiny little lip brushes that comes with OCC lip tars.
This is the number four. Because there are four lipsticks.

Individual Swatches

For a baseline, here are my bare lips:

Bewitching Hour

Bewitching Hour is described as a "captivating midnight blue". It's pretty much a slightly grey navy blue. I found it took a little bit of work to get it completely opaque, and there were a few slight patches to cover up. My skin is actually not this orange, but the color of the lipstick itself is pretty accurate on my monitor.


Abracadabra is "a slightly warm, deep purple". This is eggplant purple that's maybe a little greyish, and it's actually on the cooler side of purples that I own. In fact, here are some swatches of the colors I thought were closest from my (not at all excessive, really) purple lip product collection so you can compare.
T-B: Howl Cosmetics Nerve, Limnit Abracadabra, Nyx Macaron Violet, Nyx Intense Butter Gloss Berry Strudel

Goodness Graycious

Again, this was a gift from /u/golddiglett, also known as Joce, because she doesn't share my views on the Mulan merits of lip brushes. Limnit calls Goodness Graycious "a slightly cool medium ' griege'". It's one of those private-part-evoking grey browns that have been fashionable lately. On my lips it comes off pretty grey and not very brown. It also makes me look slightly dead.

League of My Own

League of My Own is described by Limnit as " a medium, more green-than-blue teal". As a firm believer that teal is a dark green-blue, I would have to call this a bright, green-leaning turquoise that has convinced my camera that my face is bright, murder-clown orange. Out of the colors I purchased, this is the only one that I would not try to add the word "grey" to the description of as it is very bright. I wore it to the grocery store and noticed people averting their eyes from me, it was so bright and unnatural. 

To conclude, I will just leave you with this FOTD from yesterday's IIoM avant-garde post, where I used League of My Own with Shiro Triforce dusted over the top. 

Chaos from the UD Electric palette is the blue contour, Hello Waffle Pumpkin is the orange blush, and Dark Matter Makeup Cassiopeia is the green highlight that makes it looks like I have a mustache. 

My eyes are wearing HW Ocelot, HW Uh, Duh!, HW 1000 Likes, and Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Kid You Not, with a teal Maybelline Great Lash for mascara. 

I tried valiantly to cover my eyebrows with Nyx Milk and fill them in with HW Fey, but my naturally black brows fought their way through to being seen. 

For base/primer things, I used Nars Smudgeproof, UD Ozone, and Skin79 VIP Gold Super+ BB cream.

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