Limnit Lipsticks

Abracadabra, Bewitching Hour, and League of My Own were purchased by me, and Goodness Graycious was a gift from a friend unaffiliated with Limnit. Opinions are my own, and I don't use affiliate links.

I've had a few Limnit Lipsticks jars in my Etsy cart for the past few monthssee, they make a purple lipstick, and I have a purple lipstick obsession. As a color, purple is close enough to pink to not be completely insane, but it's also still a very unnatural lip color. Plus, although orange shares this unnatural-but-not-insane property, I've always been suspicious of it ever since I had a recurring nightmare in preschool about a serial-killing, orange-haired clown who found his victims by jumping out of posters with his face on them. Purple is a much more regal, much less murderous color, but I digress.

Limnit is a pretty popular brand on /r/indiemakeupandmore, but a lot of people had been waiting for them to reintroduce lipstick bullets before purchasing. Although I waited to purchase until right when lipstick bullets were reintroduced, I was actually not in that group of people, because I enjoy applying lipstick from a jar, with a lip brushit's very Mulan. I was actually just waiting for a discount before I pulled the trigger, and I ended up buying three jars and getting free shipping. 

The colors I ordered were Bewitching Hour, Abracadabra, and League of My Own. Goodness Graycious was a gift from /u/golddiglett.

L-R: Bewitching Hour, Abracadabra, Goodness Graycious, League of My Own
I have got to start taking product pictures before I use the products.

Swatches after the break!

First post first Corvus order

(Note: I linked to pretty much every purchasable thing I mentioned in the post for easy access, but not a single one is an affiliate link. All products purchased by me.)

After some hemming and hawing, I decided to start a blog, mostly just to post swatches and reviews of makeup, because I have a lot of it and I like talking about it.

My first order from Corvus Cosmetics came yesterday, and I was pretty impressed by it. I ordered during the release of the Westerburg Collection, and my order was packed on the last day of TAT. It arrived a day early, unscathed and wrapped in lovely tissue paper with a handwritten note tucked in and a few pieces of candy for consumption. Corvus does include free samples with every order (I believe it's one sample + another for every $25 you order), but mine were missing. I contacted the owner, Noel, and she insisted on including them in my next order.

In this order, I got samples of the full Kinder-und Hausmärchen Collection as well as samples of Erato and Urania from the Mouseia Collection and BS with a Body Count from the new Westerburg Collection. I also bought full sizes of two CotMs, Berenice (no longer available) and Kaelpie, plus one of the pocket mirrors featuring the label art from Thalia.

The full order minus mirror

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